1. Technology

Inserting Columns

Part One: Introduction to Columns


Word gives you the option of creating up to four columns in your document. A basic multi-column document is easy to create. Simply click on the Columns button on the Standard toolbar. A submenu will pop up. You can then highlight the number of columns you would like your document to have. If you do this before you start typing, the entire document will have multiple columns.

This is great if you’re creating something like a tri-fold brochure. But you can mix single and multi-column formats in your document.

The easiest way to apply columns to a portion of your document is to highlight the portion. Then, apply the column format using the toolbar button. This assumes you’ve finished editing your document.

However, you might want to insert the columns as you work. Using the toolbar button will apply columns to the entire document. So you must first insert a section break. To insert a section break, select Break from the Insert menu.

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