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How to Create a Mail Merge in Word 2010

A mail merge is a great way to send the same information to lots of readers either by letter, email, or even a catalog.

More Mail Merge Programs:
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Word Processing

Where's My Cheese?

Monday December 31, 2012

It seems that when I tested out Word 2013, nothing seemed the same. The colors where different, some button names had changed, and even my Ribbon was different! As much as I like change, relearning to use software is not my favorite thing! To help you along, I am working on writing Microsoft Word 2013 directions for everyday word processing tasks so you don't have to face this change alone!

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I Wish I Had Patented My Idea!

Thursday December 13, 2012

There is a little trick that I have been using for almost 2 decades now. I use it to make sure that my items are aligned perfectly in my documents (or presentations, publications, and even web sites). See, I am a stickler for having my images and graphics aligned just perfectly and I have wasted hours and hours trying to get things right.

My work around, instead of just guessing, was to draw a line using Shapes. I would hold down my Shift key to make sure my line was straight, and then I would nudge my objects so that they were touching the line.

Well, after previewing Microsoft Office 2013, I found out they stole my idea! Ok, maybe stealing is a harsh accusation - but there is my idea! My line! And I didn't even have to draw it. Things just snap right to it. It is called an Alignment Guide. Where, oh where have you been all my life?

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How About Sending Out a Personal Touch This Holiday?

Sunday December 9, 2012

Are you thinking about sending an update to all of your family and friends? Maybe you want to send something a bit more personal then a Facebook post, a Tweet, or even an Instagram picture. Try sending a family newsletter with your cards and gifts this year. It only costs you a stamp, a few sheets of paper, a little printer ink, and the gift of your time! Read: How to Add Columns How to Add Images How to Add a Page Border

Bookmarks Aren't Just For Books!

Friday November 30, 2012

When I think of bookmarks, I usually think of slips of paper that I use to mark my spot in a book. Well, word processing bookmarks do the same thing as those little slips of paper. They are electronic bookmarks that hold your place in the document! Read all about inserting bookmarks in both Microsoft Word and in WordPerfect.

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