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Working With Tables in Microsoft Word

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How to Autofit a table in Microsoft Word
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Aligning text in a word processing document can be tedious if you try to do it using tabs and spaces. Fortunately, Word allows you to insert tables in your document. A table will help you align columns and rows of text with ease.

If you’ve never used Word’s tables feature before, it can be intimidating knowing where to start. And even if you have used the tables feature, you can find new ways to use it more effectively.

The following tips will get you started on working with table in Word:

1. Using the insert table button to insert a table

2. Inserting tables quickly

3. Converting tables to text

4. Adding background colors to tables

5. Adding a caption to a table

6. Creating charts from table data

7. Inserting a Table of Contents

8. Troubleshooting a Table of Contents

If you need more advanced options, or if you have data in Excel, you can insert a table from Excel:

Using an Excel spreadsheet in place of a table
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