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Microsoft Word Tutorials, Tips, and Advice

Find out what you need to know about Microsoft Word, the most popular word processing program. Here you'll find tips and tutorials, along with other information about the features Word offers.
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How to Insert Footnotes in Word 2010
Footnotes are a great way to cite text, add comments, as well as additional information to a document. Many use footnotes for reference citations in research and school papers. Read How to Insert Footnotes to learn how to insert footnotes in your document!

Showing the Number of Words in a Microsoft Word Document
You may need to view how many words are in your document for a school or work assignment, a blog post, or shear curiosity. The steps below show you how to count the number of words in your document, as well as counting words in a section of text. Luckily,Microsoft Word makes it easy to get an accurate count of the words in your document. To...

Should You Upgrade to Microsoft Word 2013?
Are you thinking of upgrading to Microsoft Office 2013 but you aren't sure if you should? This article discusses the pros and the cons of Word 2013.

How to Create a Holiday Newsletter
Are you thinking about creating a newsletter to stuff into you holiday cards? That way, you can let all of your family and friends know what has been happening for the last year? If the answer is yes, make sure to read how to create them!

How to Insert Bookmarks in Your Microsoft Word Document
Are you trying to learn about using Bookmarks in Microsoft Word? Well, this article tells you everything you need to know!

How to Insert Text Boxes in Word 2010
By using text boxes, you can place text anywhere you'd like in your document. They're great for formatting newsletters and other complex documents. My tutorial will help you get up and going with text boxes in Word 2010!

4 Ways to Insert a Table in Microsoft Word 2010
Explore 4 different ways to easily insert a table into Microsoft Word.

Resize Image and Objects
Do you want to insert picture or images into your Microsoft Word document but it isn't the right size? Read this article to learn how to resize and crop your images!

Everything You Need to Know About Column in Microsoft Word 2010 and 2007
Do you need to use columns to format your document? Make sure to read Everything You Need to Know About Column in Microsoft Word 2010 and 2007 to learn how!

How to Insert Column Breaks
If you are using columns in Microsoft Word, then you need to know about column breaks!

Every Thing You Need to Know about Page Setup

How to Use Styles in Microsoft Word 2010 and 2007
Do you need to know about using Styles in Microsoft Word? If so, read this article to learn how to apply and modify them!

How To Make the First Page Header or Footer Different in Word 2010
Do you need to remove the header or footer from your Word 2010 document different for a title page or table of contents? Read How To Make the First Page Header or Footer Different in Word 2010 to find out how!

Do you need to add a header or footer to your Word 2010 document? Maybe you...

Do you need to add a header or footer to your Word 2010 document? Maybe you...

Create a Table of Contents in Word 2010 Using Outline Levels

Word 2010 Headers and Footers

Control How You Access Hyperlinks in Word 2010
Does having to press the CTRL key to follow a hyperlink bug you? If so, this article shows you how to turn that 'feature' off!

Create a Table of Contents in Word 2010 Using Styles

Table Styles in Word 2010
Thinking about formatting your table? Try using Table Styles!

Inserting Excel Data into Your Microsoft Word 2007 Document
Inserting Excel Data into Your Microsoft Word 2010 Document

Inserting Excel Data into Your Microsoft Word 2010 Document
Inserting Excel Data into Your Microsoft Word 2010 Document

Inserting Excel Data into Your Microsoft Word 2010 Document
Inserting Excel Data into Your Microsoft Word 2010 Document

4 Ways to Insert a Table in Microsoft Word 2007
Explore 4 different ways to easily insert a table into Microsoft Word.

How to Insert a Table in Microsoft Word for Mac 2011
Explore 4 different ways to easily insert a table into Microsoft Word.

Save Time With Templates in Word 2010
Using templates is one of the easiest ways to save time in Microsoft Word. Templates are simply documents that contain formatting and boilerplate text. All you need to do is customize it by inserting text. Fortunately, creating a template in Word 2010 doesn't need to take a lot of time or effort. Learn how to create a template in Word 2010 the...

How to Create an Easy Macro in Microsoft Word 2010
This document outlines the steps of creating a macro in Microsoft Word 2010.

How Word Processing Can Help With Your Taxes
This article explores ways that word processing can help with filing your taxes.

Changing the Ribbon Layout and Tools
The Office ribbon can be handy for new users just learning Microsoft Word. But not everyone likes ribbon. Many users would rather go back to the old menu system from earlier versions of Office. This may not be possible. But you can customize the ribbon layout to make things easier on yourself. Learn how it's done!

Preventing Accidental Changes to a Word 2007 Document
Word 2007 has a handy feature to prevent changes from being made to your documents. It is called Mark as Final. This will prevent accidental edits and additions to the document. But, the Mark as Final feature can be disabled by anyone, if needed. To learn more about Mark as Final in Word 2007, read this tip.

What are Indents and Tabs?
This article explores using indents and tabs with the ruler in Microsoft Word.

Removing Extra Breaks in Word Documents
It isn't uncommon to want to change the formatting of your Word document after you've created it. Changing a document's formatting in word is usually fairly easy. You simply select the text you'd like to change. Then you apply the new formatting. But, you can run into complications. For example, you may not have used the formatting options to specify the spacing between paragraphs or lines of text. Instead, you may have inserted extra returns. Don't worry -- there is an easy solution.

Top 5 Microsft Word Timesavers
This article explores tips and tricks to save time while working in Microsoft Word. While the information is from Word 2010, the information can be used in almost any Word version.

Turn on Document Properties Prompt
Document properties stores valuable information about your documents. They can also make it easier for you to locate documents based on keywords and other important information. But, it can be difficult to remember to complete document properties. In that case, you can have word prompt you for document properties when you close a document.

Keeping Documents Organized With Document Properties
Document properties save information drafts comments notes user data title author company revisions

Creating Blog Posts in Word 2007
One of the new features in Word 2007 is the ability to publish directly to a blog. You can use Microsoft Word to publish to popular blog services such as Blogger and Windows Live Spaces. You can also specify other blogging services, if you need. This article will give you a quick run down on creating blog posts with Microsoft Word.

Word Tutorials for Beginners
If you're new to Microsoft Word, and you're looking for the tutorials, this is it! Get acquainted with the basics -- the window components, the toolbars, and essential commands. You'll be up and running in Word in no time.

Intermediate Word Tutorials
If you've been using Word for a while and know the basics, then it is time to start exploring some of the other features the program offers. These mid-level tutorials will help you tailor your documents and Word features to suit your needs.

Creating and Customizing Envelopes in Microsoft Word
Word has a special tool to help you create envelopes. Word will format and print the envelope for you in a matter of minutes. But if you want, you can also customize the envelope to suit your needs. Find out how it's done.

Advanced Word Tutorials
If you're determined to get the most out of Word, you've come to the right place. These tutorials will walk you through the more advanced features, from integrating Word with other programs to automating tasks. Check back often for updates!

Disabling Smart Tags in Microsoft Word
When you type an address, phone number or financial symbol in Microsoft Word, it will label your text with a Smart Tag. This little button is a big annoyance for many people. It can get in the way of your work, and many people don't use it. If Smart Tags bother you, find out how to turn them off.

Inserting and Creating AutoText in Microsoft Word
word autotext entries entry creating create editing using

Customizing Microsoft Word for Greater Productivity
Word is a powerful program with a lot of commands, options, and automated features. But Word was designed to allow users to customize what is displayed and how it responds to your input. By customizing Word, you’ll improve your productivity – and avoid a lot of frustration.

The Components of the Microsoft Word Window
Your first step to becoming an expert in Word is to learn the different elements of the Word window. These tutorials will explain the different parts of the Word window. They’ll also help you get a grip on customizing the Word window.

14 Essential Tips for Getting the Most out of Mail Merge
Mail merge is one of the most convenient features in Word. These 14 tips and tutorials are will help beginners to mail merge and experienced users alike.

Printing a Select Portion of a Document
If you have a long document butonly want to print a portion of it, relax. Word makes it easy for you to do this. You won't waste any paper or ink, and you'll get a copy of the portion you need. Just use the Print selection feature.

Using Word's Comments Feature
In part one of the tutorial on document collaboration and review, we'll focus on the comments feature. It allows you to insert comments on specific portions of a document without incorporating the comment into the body of the document. While it is particularly handy for email collaborations, it can also come in handy for single users who simply want to insert notes and reminders in their documents.

AutoCorrect -- Customizing Word's AutoCorrect Feature
Word's AutoCorrect feature is designed to correct common typos as they happen. It also applies special formatting to text. You're probably familiar with AutoCorrect whether or not you know what it's called. AutoCorrect is customizable. You can use this to your advantage. You can assign abbreviations to frequently used names and phrases. Find out how!

Microsoft Word -- Changing the Markup Viewing Options
When using Word's Track Changes feature, you have different options for viewing revisions. Some people like seeing the markup balloons in the document. Others prefer to see all the changes listed at the bottom in a separate pane. Whatever your preference, find out how to change it.

Track Changes -- Track Changes Made to Word Documents
When collaborating on a document, it is often valuable to track changes you or other users make to the document. Find out how Word’s Track Changes feature can make document collaboration easier for you.

Quick Selection
Frustrated by the mouse and want a quick way to select text and other objects in your document? Then this tip is for you.

Setting Word Selection Preferences
If you ever get frustrated by the way Word handles text selection, this tip is for you. You can specify whether Word automatically selects the entire word when only part of it is highlighted, or you can change the settings to allow you to select parts of a word, for greater precision.

Spelling and Grammar Quick Check
If you're working on a long document, it can be a hassle scrolling through to find all the places where Word has tagged your spelling and grammar, fortunately, Microsoft has built in a feature that will take you one by one through the errors. What more could you ask for?

Adding terms to your Custom Dictionary
Adding terms to your custom dictionary doesn’t need to be tedious. In fact, you can add terms from the document window without opening the dictionary dialog box. And, as an added bonus, you can quickly create a custom dictionary the same way.

Drag and Drop Copying and Moving
Are you looking for a more intuitive way of moving and/or copying text and objects in your document? Find out how to use your mouse to rearrange your document.

Setting Word to Print in Draft Quality
If you want to save money on ink, you can set Word to print documents in draft quality. With draft quality, the print won't be as dark as normal printing. Because of this you'll save ink -- and money.

Saving Word 2010 to Microsoft Live
When you're finished working on a document in Word 2010, you can upload it directly to the Microsoft Word Web app. You'll be able to share it with others immediately. Or, you can access it from any computer when you're away from your desk. And it really makes the process of uploading Word 2010 documents to the Microsoft Word Web App. Find out how it's done!

Removing a Separating Line From Your Word Document
Microsoft Word makes it easy to insert a line in your document to separate different sections. Unfortunately, you might not find it so easy to remove said line later. Find out why you're having trouble removing the line from your Word document. And learn how you can get rid of it.

Setting Word's Macro Security Level
Macros are a great way to save time in Microsoft Word. They automate repetitive tasks. They do come with drawbacks, however. Macros from untrusted sources can damage your system. So, you want to be careful with macros. Learn how to protect yourself by setting the right macro security level in Microsoft Word 2010.

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