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One drawback to using word processing programs that are rich in features is that commands can be difficult to find at times. The less popular ones get relegated to sub-menus or obscure dialog boxes. Learn the shortcut keys and spare yourself the frustration of the search. And if that isn't motivation enough, consider this: If you ever have to take a test evaluating your word processing skills, you'll get a higher score if you use shortcut keys.
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Distraction-Free Word Processing
Thanks to gtd and the Internet's current obsession with tips on getting more done faster, distraction-free writing has become popular. A plain, clutter-free word processor supposedly eliminates distractions to improve focus on the task of writing. Do you practice distraction-free writing? Take a moment to tell us what program you use and how it...

iPhone App
The iPhone is a great phone. However, the lack of a physical keyboard makes it difficult to type accurately. It is easy to hit the wrong letter on the on-screen keyboard. Fortunately, you can make it a little easier to type on the iPhone. TapIt4Me is a text expansion app for the iPhone. It lets you create shortcuts for commonly used words and phrases. Anyone who is troubled by the iPhone's virtual keyboard would do well to check it out. Learn all about TapIt4Me in my quick review!

Sound Off on Your Favorite Office 2007 Time-Savers
We could all use more time in the day. Unfortunately, none of us has the ability to slow time. That's where shortcuts can help you. There are plenty of time-saving features in Office 2007 to help you make more of your day. Share your favorite time-savers with the rest of us!

Simple Ways to Save Time in Office 2007
Microsoft Office 2007 is a beast of a program. It offers a plethora of features that would take yearns to master. But, you can get a step ahead with these 64 great tips. They'll help you save time in each component of Office 2007: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. And, if you think you already know all the Office 2007 time-savers, think again. You'll find tips here you won't find anyw…

Easy Ways to Slash Your Printer Ink Usage
Printer ink is ridiculously expensive. And, the cartridges are bad for the environment. Chances are, tough, that you're wasting printer ink every time you print. I have a few great tips that will help you slash your printing costs--and help the environment. Read them now!

6 Secret Time-Saving Features in Word
Are you looking for new ways to save time in Microsoft Word? Then look no further! I have six overlooked time-saving features for Word. Start saving time now!

Return to a Previous Editing Location
There's nothing worse than scrolling through a lot of text to try to find a specific point in the document. If you want to return to a place you just entered or edited text, however, there is a quick way to do it. Find out how!

Inserting Bookmarks in Your Word Document
Of all the tools designed to make your work in Word easier, the bookmark feature is perhaps the most practical and easy to use. The bookmark features allows you to return quickly to portions of your document that need editing. Find out how to use this feature.

Wildcards in Find and Replace
If you're looking for a little more flexibility when you're searching for text within your document, the use of wildcards will help you expand your results while still maintaining control over what is returned.

Automatically Updating Text in Many Documents
If you insert the same text in many documents and dread the thought of going through all the documents to update the text, then this tip is for you. Learn how to insert text as a link in your document so you only have to make your changes once.

Using Word's Search Feature to Search for Files
Windows doesn't have very powerful search abilities. Fortunately, Word has a search feature that compensates for this. It's easy to use, and best of all, it searches more than just Word files.

Frequently Used Shortcut Keys
Using shortcut keys will greatly speed up your work in Word. Here's a brief introduction to what they are and a list of the most commonly used ones.

Microsoft Word -- Displaying the Shortcut Keys
Shortcut keys can save you a lot of time when you're working in Word. If you don't know the shortcut keys for the commands, don't fret. You can have Word display the shortcut keys in the ScreenTips. Here's how!

Microsoft Word -- Displaying the Function Key Commands
If you are unfamiliar with the function keys and what they do, then it is time to learn how to use them and increase your proficiency in word! This quick tip will show you how to have Word display the commands associated with the keys.

Microsoft Word -- Listing all the Commands Available in Word
You know that there are a lot of features and commands available in Word, but have you ever wondered what they all are? Find out how to get an exhaustive list of the commands, including where they're located and what shortcut key will activate them.

Microsoft Word -- Disabling Keys or Keystrokes
If you keep hitting a command key accidentally or if you want to remove a specific shortcut key from Word, you can do so quite easily. I would recommend that you use this feature sparingly if you share a computer with someone else, or they might think there's a problem with the keyboard!

Microsoft Word -- Restoring Disabled Keys
If you disabled a key on your keyboard and now realize that you need to restore it, don't worry. It is quite simple to reassign the key to its command. Find out how.

Microsoft Word -- Resetting Keyboard Shortcuts and Keys
Changes you make to the keyboard command keys or the shortcut keys don't have to be permanent. If you've made a lot of changes and want to restore them to their default settings, it is quite easy. Just be aware that if you choose to remove the customizations you made to the keyboard, you will lose the shortcut keys you assigned to your macros.

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