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Inserting Excel Data in a Word 2007 Document


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Linking Versus Embedding Excel Data in a Word Document
It doesn't matter if you're working on business documents or academic papers. At some point, you'll want to include Excel data in your Word 2007 documents.

Linking to Excel data in a Word 2007 document is easy enough. But, you need to be aware of the benefits and limitations of linking to Excel data.

When you link to Excel data in Word, changes to the data in Excel are reflected in Word. So, you never have to worry about updating the data.

But, you will need to worry that the Excel file will be moved, as this will break the link. Understandably, this makes it more difficult to share the Word document with others.

Embedding data basically pastes it into the Word document. There is no link to the Excel data. So, your file will be more portable. But, you will need to update the data yourself.

To learn how to link to Excel data in Word 2007 documents, keep reading. Or, learn how to embed Excel data in a Word 2007 document.
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