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How To Insert Items into Word 2007 Headers and Footers


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Format Page Numbers
Format Page Numbers

Format Page Numbers

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Once your page numbers are inserted, you may need to format the page number to a certain style or even to start at a certain number. Microsoft Word is flexible enough to allow you to format your page numbers to almost any style you need.

Format Page Numbers

  1. Click the Page Number drop-down menu on the Insert tab of Header and Footer section.
  2. Click Format Page Numbers.
  3. Click the Number Format drop-down menu and select your number format.
  4. Click the Include Chapter Number check box if you have formatted your document with Styles.
  5. To change which page number to start at, click the up or down arrow to select the appropriate page number. For example, if you have no page number appear on page one, page two will display the number two. You need to format the page numbers to start at zero.
  6. Click OK.

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