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Mobile Word Processing on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

The iPhone is much more than a cell phone. It is a small mobile computer. And, with the right apps, your iPhone can become a mobile office. You can even work on Microsoft Word and other word processing documents on the iPhone. Of course, many of these apps will also work on the iPad and iPad touch, as well. My tips will help you open, edit, and share word processing documents on your iPhone and iPad!

Word Processing on Your Android Phone or Tablet
Have you ever wanted to do word processing on your Android device? Word processing apps aren’t just limited to iPads. Maybe you just need to read documents or spreadsheets on your phone?. Look at PowerPoints and PDFs? Or maybe you like to create document on your tablet? Whatever you want to do, there is an App for that!

Word Processing Apps for Your iPad
Are you wondering if you can work with documents on your iPad? Maybe you want to know the best apps are for word processing on your iPad? This article looks at the highest reviewed word processing apps available in App Store.

Working on PDFs on the iPad
The iPad lets you view and edit a variety of different document types virtually anywhere you go. You won’t have any trouble working with Word documents and spreadsheets. Things are slightly different when it comes to PDF files. You can view them without any trouble. Learn how an inexpensive app will let you edit them, too.

Transfer Documents to an iPhone or iPad easily
There are many ways to transfer files to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Most of them involve connecting your iOS to your computer. This isn’t always convenient. It can take a while for the files to transfer. Fortunately, you can overcome this problem with an inexpensive app. Learn how to transfer files to your iOS device wirelessly.

Printing Documents From an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone
The iPad, iPhone and iPod touch will let you work on your documents anywhere, provided you have the right app. But, the iPad and iPhone don't have USB connections for a printer. That makes it difficult when you want to print your documents on the go. Fortunately, your documents are not trapped on your iOS device. You just need the right app to...

Pocket Resume Helps You Create a Resume on your iOS Device
You don't need a full-fledged word processor to create your resume. All you need is your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and an inexpensive app. You can create and send a polished resume in no time at all. Click here to learn more.

Getting Started With Airprint
The iPad is a great machine. It's light and convenient, and there are plenty of apps to help you get the most out of it. But, it does have its limitations. For example, printing isn't as easy as it should be. Fortunately, though, there are solutions. Find out how you can print from your iPad using AirPrint

Print Documents Remotely With Cloud Print
More and more of us are using our smart phones to check e-mail, work on documents and keep in touch. So, it only makes sense that you want to be able to print from your smart phone, too. Fortunately, there is now an easy way to print from your smart phone to a remote printer. Take a moment to learn how to print using Google Cloud Print.

Editing Office Web Apps Documents on the iPad
The iPad sometimes struggles with online word processors. For example, you can't edit Microsoft Office Web App documents in your iPad's browser. With a little know-how, though, you can edit the Word Web Apps documents in an app. Learn how it's done.

Edit Documents in the Desktop Version of Google Docs on Your iPad
Google Docs is a handy way to create and edit documents on the go from your iPad. Unfortunately, the mobile version of the site leaves something to be desired. Learn how you can access the Desktop version of Google Docs on your iPad. It makes editing Google Docs files on the iPad much easier.

Putting Personal Files on an E-reader
Your Kindle and iPad are great for reading the latest best-seller. But, you're not just limited to reading e-books. You can go paper-free and load...

Back Up iWork Pages for iPad Documents to Protect Against Data Loss
Just as you back up the files on your computer, you need to back up the documents you create on your iPad. Your iWork Pages documents are stored within the app. So, you may be wondering how to back them up to protect against data loss. Fortunately, backing up your iWork Pages documents on the iPad is easier than you realize. Read my quick tip to learn how it's done!

Create a Copy of an iWork Pages Document on the iPad
iWork Pages for the iPad includes a wide selection of document templates. Unfortunately, though, you can’t create your own iWork Pages templates on the iPad. But you can base a new document on an old one. To do this, you’ll need to create a copy of the document. Learn how to create copy documents in iWork Pages for the iPad. It’s easy!

Changing the Text Formatting in iWork Pages for the iPad
iWork Pages for the iPad provides a number of different styles that you can apply to the text in your document. But, you may prefer to specify your own text formatting options. You can choose from a variety of different fonts and colors. You can also change the size and apply font styles like bold, italic, and underline. Learn how to customize the text in your documents. My quick tip will help!

Should You Buy an iPad for Word Processing?
Since Apple first announced the iPad, a lot of hype has surrounded the device. It’s not a netbook; it’s not a laptop; and it’s not an e-book reader. So, many people are left wondering exactly how they would use the iPad. Maybe you’re also wondering what you can do on the iPad. The iPad offers many possibilities. But is it a good choice for word processing? Find out now!

Pairing a Bluetooth Keyboard to the iPad
The iPad's virtual keyboard is find for typing quick email messages and surfing the Web. But, if you want to use iWork Pages on the iPad for creating longer documents, you'll want a larger physical keyboard. Fortunately, you can pair a Bluetooth wireless keyboard to the iPad. Get started with word processing on the iPad now! Learn how to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your iPad.

Sending Documents From iWork Pages for the iPad Via Email
When you create a document in iWork Pages on your iPad, you can share it immediately. You don’t need to connect your iPad to your computer. Rather, you can email your document directly from iWork Pages. And you can select from a few different document formats! Start sharing your Pages documents now. My quick tip will help you email documents from iWork Pages.

Post Your iWork Pages to iWork.com From Your iPad
iWork Pages for iPad offers several different ways for you to share your documents. You can email your documents or transfer them to your computer via File Transfer. Or, you can post your documents to iWork.com. Then, invite others to view your documents. Learn how to share your iWork Pages documents on iWork.com by reading my quick tip.

Adding Headers and Footers to Your Documents in iWork Pages f…
Headers and footers are a great way to provide information about the documents you create. You can add dates, document titles, and authors, among other things. iWork Pages for the iPad lets you headers and footers to your documents easily. Find out how to add headers and footers to your iWork Pages documents now!

Adjust Margin Width in iWork Pages for the iPad
By default, iWork Pages for the iPad sets your document margins at one inch on each side. But, you don’t need to accept these margins. If you want, you can adjust the margins for your documents. My quick tip will help you adjust the margins for your documents iWork Pages for the iPad.

The iPhone provides a solid set of features that you won't find on many other phones. But, there is one key feature that business users are sure to miss. The iPhone does not provide an office suite. Fortunately, Quickoffice has stepped up to fill the gap. Learn if Quickoffice is the right iPhone word processing program for you.

Using iWork Pages on the iPad to Open Documents Sent Via Email
When someone emails you a document, you can open it in iWork Pages on your iPad with just a few taps. That makes it easy to transfer documents to your iPad and work on them. To learn how to open documents sent via email in iWork Pages for the iPad, read this quick tip!

Change the Paper Size for Your iWork Pages for the iPad
By default, the iWork Pages for iPad app formats documents for standard letter size paper. They are designed to be printed on 8 ½ x 11 paper. But, you don’t have to have to stick with this paper size. You can opt to format your document for a different paper size. My quick tip will show you how it’s done!

Using Templates in iWork Pages for the iPad
You don’t have to create documents from scratch in iWork Pages for the iPad. The app includes a variety of templates to get you started. Templates include formatting and boilerplate text. All you need to do is add your content! Get started working with templates in iWork Pages on the iPad. My quick tip will help!

Readdle Docs iPhone App
Many have complained that the iPhone doesn't have a user-accessible file system. This makes it difficult to view and manage files on your iPhone. Readdle Docs is a document management app for the iPhone that steps up to fill in the gap. It lets you upload documents, as well as access documents stored on the web. Find out if it is worth your cash by reading my quick review!

Getting Started With iWork Pages for the iPad
iWork Pages for the iPad is much like iWork Pages for your desktop or laptop. But, there are some differences. For example, you'll need help moving files to and from your iPad. You may also need some help working with the files once they're on your iPad. Fortunately, iWork Pages is easy to use once you understand how it works and its limitations. These quick tutorials will help you get up and goi…

Free Dragon Dictation App for Apple iOS
Using the keyboard on your iPhone or iPad isn't always convenient. You may not like using the keyboard for an extended period of time. Or maybe you just want to record a note on the go. In that case, consider Dragon Dictation for the iPhone and iPad. This free voice recognition app will turn your speech into text. Find out what you need to know...

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