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Applying background colors to tables


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Word allows you to apply a background color to specific portions of your table or to the entire table. This is helpful if you want to highlight a portion of your table. For example, if you’re working with sales figures, you may wish to apply a different color to a column, row, or cell containing totals.

There are a couple of ways to add a background color:

1. Highlight the cells (use the Ctrl key to select non-contiguous cells)

2. Right-click on one of the selected cells

3. On the pop-up menu, select Borders and Shading

4. Open the Shading tab

5. Use the color chart on the left to select the background color

6. Once you’ve specified the color, choose Cell or Table in the drop-down box on the right

7. Click OK

You can also use the Tables and Borders toolbar:

1. Open the Tables and Borders toolbar by clicking in the gray area around the Word menu. Select the toolbar from the pop-up list.

2. Highlight the cells to which you would like to apply the background color

3. On the Tables and Borders toolbar, click the arrow beside the Fill bucket

4. Select the color from the color chart.

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