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Word Tutorials -- A Guide to Word Tutorials

Part 1: Word Tutorials for Beginners


The following is an outline of Word tutorials. If you have no experience with Microsoft Word and want to start from the beginning, or if you have some experience with it but want to become more proficient, then you’ve come to the right place.

My mission is to help you achieve your word processing goals: If there’s something not covered in these Word tutorials that you’d like to know more about, email me; if there are enough requests, I’ll be sure consider it for inclusion.

Be sure to bookmark this page (Ctrl + D) and check back often for updates!

1. Intro to Word
-Opening the program
-The Standard Toolbar Buttons
-The Formatting Toolbar Buttons
-The Task Pane
-The Status Bar

2. Working Within the Document
-Entering and Editing Text
-Guide to Document Views
-Changing the Document View
-Navigating through documents
-Selecting Text
-Cutting, Copying, & Pasting Text
-Moving Text
-Splitting the Document Area

3. Find/Replace
-Using Wildcards in Find and Replace

4. Formatting Text
-Inserting Breaks

5. Using Shortcut Keys
-Frequently Used Shortcut Keys
-Basic Navigational Shortcut Keys
-More Shortcut Keys

6. Working With Documents
-The Save As... command
-Using Word's versioning feature
-Printing documents
-Previewing printed documents
-Printing Selections
-Working with Multiple Documents
-Eliminating Document Buttons
-Tips for naming files
-Searching for Files
-Keeping documents organized

7. Getting Help
-The Help Center
-The Office Assistant
-The Wizards

Please note that these were developed for Word 2002, the version included in Office XP. While most of the introductory information and the basic commands will apply to most versions of Word, not all features will be available to users who have a version released prior to 2002. If you have a question about a feature, your first resource should be the help files included with your installation of Word. They can be accessed by using the F1 key.

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