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Word Processing: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Insert a Landscape Page into a Portrait...
Here's how to change one section of a Microsoft Word 2010 document to either landscape or portrait without changing the layout of the overall document.
How To Create A Page Border in Microsoft Word
Do you want to add some pizazz to a page or document? This article walks you through, step-by-step, adding an art or line graphic around your Word Document.
An Easy Guide to Using Text Boxes in Microsoft...
Text boxes will give you control over the position of a block of text in your document. You can place text boxes anywhere in the document and format them with shading and borders. Learn more by reading my step-by-step tutorial.
How to Add Images for Better Documents in Word...
Do you want to learn how to insert Clip Art in Word 2013? Or maybe you want to ad to your knowledge of Clip Art, such as finding images that use the same style? This article walks you through the steps of using Clip Art.
How to Upload Word Documents to Google Docs
Google Docs lets you create, edit and share word processing documents online. Fortunately, you don't need to create all of the documents in Google Docs. You can upload Word documents from your computer. You can then work on the documents in Google Docs or share them with others. My quick tip will help you upload files to Google Docs. It's easy!
Three Free Alternatives to Microsoft Word
You don't have to spend a lot to get word processing power. These three free Microsoft Word alternatives offer compatibility and robust features for document creation.
Changing the Paper Size in Word
At some point in time you are going to want to use different sized papers. Find out how to switch between paper sizes and create custom sizes.
How to Create Customized Envelopes in Microsoft...
Word has a special tool to help you create envelopes. Word will format and print the envelope for you in a matter of minutes. But if you want, you can also customize the envelope to suit your needs. Find out how it's done.
How To Create A Page Border in Microsoft Word...
Do you want to add some pizazz to a page or document? This article walks you through, step-by-step, adding an art or line graphic around your Word 2013 document.
How to Insert Different Page Orientations in...
Do you need just one spot of your document in a different orientation layout then the rest of the document? For example, having something Landscape in a Portrait Word 2013 document? If so, read here to learn how!
How to Use Word's Comments Feature
In part one of the tutorial on document collaboration and review, we'll focus on the comments feature. It allows you to insert comments on specific portions of a document without incorporating the comment into the body of the document. While it is particularly handy for email collaborations, it can also come in handy for single users who simply want to insert notes and reminders in their documents.
Exporting a PDF to a Word Document in Adobe...
PDF files are a convenient way to share documents. But, editing PDFs isn't always convenient. You may prefer to edit the contents of a shared PDF document in Word. You can cut and paste the contents of a PDF into a Word document. But, a better option is to convert the PDF to a Word document. Find out how to convert a PDF to Word the easy way!
How to Link to and Embed Excel Spreadsheets in...
Learn how to embed and link to an Excel spreadsheet in a Word document and the differences between the two in this step-by-step tutorial.
The Easy Way to Change Page Orientation in a...
Sometimes you will want to have both portrait and landscape page orientation in the same document. Here's how. Page 1 of 6.
How to Work With Hidden Text in Word Documents
Hidden text can be handy when you're working with Word documents. For example, you can use the feature to reduce clutter while you're working on a document. Or, use it to omit parts of the document when you print it. For more on working with hidden text, read this quick tip.
How to Insert and Properly Format Images in...
You can insert a variety of pictures and images in your Word document. Word will handle all the popular image types, such as jpeg, gif, png, and tiff. There are several easy ways to insert your an image in your document. And, once you've inserted your picture, you have a number of options for changing its appearance. So find out how to spice up your documents with picture now!
Spelling and Grammar Quick Check
If you're working on a long document, it can be a hassle scrolling through to find all the places where Word has tagged your spelling and grammar, fortunately, Microsoft has built in a feature that will take you one by one through the errors. What more could you ask for?
How to Apply Background Colors to Tables
Word allows you to apply a background color to specific portions of your table or to the entire table. This is helpful if you want to highlight a portion of your table. For example, if you’re working with sales figures, you may wish to apply a different color to a column, row, or cell containing totals. Find out how!
Make a Chart Using Table in Microsoft Word
Word has a handy feature that allows you to create charts from table data in your existing document. It ensures that your charts are formatted nicely with a minimum of effort. You don't need to go to a graphics program to create charts for your professional documents.
Watermarks -- Adding Watermarks to Your Word...
No doubt you've seen documents with watermarks that say
Changing the Margins in Word
If you want to create a professional quality document, then it is important to get the margins right. Fortunately, it is easy in Microsoft Word. Find out how it's done!
Introduction to Google Docs
Google Docs is a simple but effective online word processing program. It is no surprise that Google Docs is among the most popular word processing services online. If you're new to Google Docs, learn how to get up and going. My tips will help you upload and download documents to Google Docs. You'll also learn how to work with templates and share your documents with others. Get started with Google Docs now!
The Simple Way to Turn a PDF into a Word Doc
Creating a PDF document from a Word file is easy once you have the correct software installed. But many people don't know how to do it. That's because they're looking in the wrong place for the option. Find out how simple it is to create a PDF file!
Scaling a Document to a Different Paper Size
Sooner or later you will want to print your document on a different size paper than what you've specified in page setup. Fortunately, you can scale your paper to a different paper size -- perfect if you want to preserve the original page setup.
How to Remove Unwanted Breaks in Word Documents
It isn't uncommon to want to change the formatting of your Word document after you've created it. Changing a document's formatting in word is usually fairly easy. You simply select the text you'd like to change. Then you apply the new formatting. But, you can run into complications. For example, you may not have used the formatting options to specify the spacing between paragraphs or lines of text. Instead, you may have inserted extra returns. Don't worry -- there is an easy solution.
Using Safe Mode to Diagnose Word Startup Problems
There are many factors that can contribute to startup problems with Microsoft Word. Fortunately, safe mode provides a quick way to narrow down the factors that are causing you grief. Don't take drastic measures and reinstall Word unless you're sure you have no other options.
A Guide to Word Tutorials
If you're just getting started with Word, this is the place to begin. These introductory Word tutorials will teach you the basics and get you up and going with Microsoft Word.
Word Macros -- Working With Word Macros
Don't let macros scare you; Word macros really are easy to use and will save you a lot of time in the long run. Get started here!
How to Quickly Optimize Images in Word to...
If you use Word to edit images or if you frequently insert images in your Word documents and don't like the large file sizes, learn how to take some control over how Word handles your images. Find out how to compress the size of the images you insert in Word and how to delete the cropped areas of the images -- it will dramatically reduce file sizes, which is great when you want to transmit your document electronically or if storage space is at a premium.
How to Insert Bookmarks in a Word Document
Of all the tools designed to make your work in Word easier, the bookmark feature is perhaps the most practical and easy to use. The bookmark features allows you to return quickly to portions of your document that need editing. Find out how to use this feature.
How to Use a Shortcut Key to Change the Font...
Word provides a relatively easy way to change the font case. But if you use the Format menu to change the font case, there's a quicker way to do it.
Wrap Text Around an Image
If you have inserted an image or a piece of clip art into your document, you may still need to tell Word how to wrap the text around the image.
How to Use Tables in Microsoft Word
Aligning text in a word processing document can be tedious if you try to do it using tabs and spaces. Fortunately, Word allows you to insert tables in your document. A table will help you align columns and rows of text with ease. For more on working with tables in Word, read these tips!
How To Position Images in Your Document
If you have inserted an image into your document, you may need to change how the image is placed in your document.
How to Use Indents, Tabs, and Your Ruler in Word
This article explores using indents and tabs with the ruler in Microsoft Word.
How to Insert Footnotes in a Word Document
When you’re working on an academic paper, it is important to cite your references. Adding footnotes in Word is quite easy. Word automates the process so the numbering is always correct. Plus, if you make changes to the document, you don’t need to worry about the placement of the footnotes.
How Do a Word Count in a Microsoft Word Document
You may need to view how many words are in your document for a school or work assignment, a blog post, or shear curiosity. The steps below show you how to count the number of words in your document, as well as counting words in a section of text. Luckily,Microsoft Word makes it easy to get an accurate count of the words in your document. To learn more, read this tip!
Word Templates -- Introduction to Word Templates
One of the best features of word processors is the ability to create templates which can be used as the basis of future documents. By creating templates in Microsoft Word, you can focus your energy on the document content and leave the formatting up to the template.
5 Ways to Prevent Data Loss
While data loss affects everyone who uses a computer, it is especially problematic for those who use word processing software. There is nothing more frustrating than losing the important documents that you've spent so much time creating. Unfortunately, the most effective thing you can do to stop data loss is to prevent it -- here are some tips to get you started.
How to Change Word Display Numbers in Mail Merge
If you're using Excel as a data source and having difficulty getting your Word mail merge to display the correct number of decimal places, this tip is for you. Find out how to use a switch to specify how many decimal places to include in your finished document.
How to Find Files in Word Using the Search...
Windows doesn't have very powerful search abilities. Fortunately, Word has a search feature that compensates for this. It's easy to use, and best of all, it searches more than just Word files.
Save Time in Word with These Shortcut Key...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Shortcut keys,
The Table of Contents in Word
Microsoft Word has an automated Table of Contents feature that can come in handy for organizing long documents, but can also be a little tricky. Here a few tips and tricks to make it easier to use.
Everything You Need to Know about Microsoft...
Just a few years ago, a free version of Microsoft Word was unthinkable. But, things have changed, thanks to free word processing programs like OpenOffice and online services like Google Docs, Microsoft has been forced to offer a free solution. Microsoft Office Web Apps in a free online version of Office that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Find out how it stacks up against the competition and if it will replace Word on your desktop.
How to Use Advanced Header/Footer Options in...
Word provides a number of different options when it comes to headers and footers. For example, you can specify different headers and footers for the first page of a document or for odd and even pages. But if you want different headers and footers for a portion of your document, things become more complicated. However, it can be done. This article will show you how.
Convert Paper Documents to PDF Files With Adobe...
Are your filing cabinets overflowing with papers? Then bring your files into the digital age. Using your scanner and Adobe Acrobat, you can convert printed pages to PDF files. It doesn't need to be time-consuming or difficult. Go paper-free and convert your files to PDF documents now!
Resetting Keyboard Shortcuts and Keys
Changes you make to the keyboard command keys or the shortcut keys don't have to be permanent. If you've made a lot of changes and want to restore them to their default settings, it is quite easy. Just be aware that if you choose to remove the customizations you made to the keyboard, you will lose the shortcut keys you assigned to your macros.
How to Insert Column Breaks
If you are using columns in Microsoft Word, then you need to know about column breaks!
Resize Image and Objects
Do you want to insert picture or images into your Microsoft Word document but it isn't the right size? Read this article to learn how to resize and crop your images!
Showing the Number of Words in a Microsoft Word...
You may need to view how many words are in your document for a school or work assignment, a blog post, or shear curiosity. The steps below show you how to count the number of words in your document, as well as counting words in a section of text. Luckily,Microsoft Word 2013 makes it easy to get an accurate count of the words in your document. To learn more, read this tip!
4 Ways to Insert a Table in Microsoft Word 2013
trying to insert a table into your Word document? Explore 4 different ways to easily insert a table into Microsoft Word 2013.
Changing the Appearance of Quotation Marks
If you’re using Word as an HTML editor – the old fashioned way, not the WYSIWYG way! – or if you simply don’t like the way quotation marks appear in Word, then this is required reading.
Tricks for Quick Template Creation in Word: A...
Templates will save you a lot of time when you create new documents. If you're looking for a quick way to create a template, or want to make your templates easy to edit, then this tip is for you.
Free PDF to Word Converter
Plenty of free tools will help you convert Word documents to PDF files. Converting a PDF file to an editable Word document is another story. Generally, you must buy PDF editing software if you want to edit PDF files. But, things have changed. The free PDF to Word will do the trick for free. How well does the software work? Find out now!
Preparing a Spreadsheets for a Mail Merge
Planning a mail merge? Making sure your spreadsheet is clean and well organized is an important first step.
Top Picks for Android Word Processor Apps
Looking for an Android word processing app as you migrate into the mobile world? Here's a selection of the best and most popular word processors available.
Top 5 Microsoft Word Timesavers
This article explores tips and tricks to save time while working in Microsoft Word. While the information is from Word 2010, the information can be used in almost any Word version.
Changing Word Document Views
Word provides a number of different ways for viewing the document you’re working on. Each displays different elements of your document. Learn what is displayed in each view; more importantly, learn how to switch between document views. This quick tutorial shows you how.
Applying a Border to Part of Your Document
You can spice up your document or draw attention to a specific portion of it by using a border. Borders are easy to apply, and Word provides you a number of options for working with them.
Changing the Default Document Formatting in...
When you create a document in Google Docs, it automatically applies the default font style, line spacing and background color to the document. It is easy enough to change this formatting in part or all of your document. Why not make things easy on yourself? Learn how to change the default document settings in Google Docs!
Removing Personal Information from Word Documents
As more and more features are added to Word, there is an increased danger of revealing private information when you share a document electronically. Here's an easy way to keep the personal information you share to a minimum.
Saving Time With Templates in Google Docs
A template is an easy way to save time when working on a document in Google Docs. A template is a document that contains formatting and boilerplate text. All you need to do is add your content. You can reuse your template over and over. There are plenty of templates available for Google Docs. But if you can't find one that suits your needs, you can create your own. Find out how easy it is.
Microsoft Word -- Working With Versions of Your...
Once you've learned how to create versions of your document, it is inevitable that you will want to access previous drafts of your document. Find out how to view, recover, and delete them.
How to Use Columns in Apple iWork Pages
If you want to give documents like newsletters, brochures, and pamphlets a polished look, columns are a good way to do it. Get started using columns in your iWork Pages documents. This tip will show you how to insert columns in Pages documents.
Removing a Separating Line From Your Word...
Microsoft Word makes it easy to insert a line in your document to separate different sections. Unfortunately, you might not find it so easy to remove said line later. Find out why you're having trouble removing the line from your Word document. And learn how you can get rid of it.
What to Know about Microsoft OneNote
Chances are if you've heard about OneNote, you're under the impression it is only for use on a tablet pc. Don't let this fool you -- OneNote can be used on any Windows-based computer, and it is a great way for you to get your notes organized before you port them into Word to create a final, polished document.
How to Wrap Text Around an Image in Word 2013
Once you have inserted an image into your Word 2013 document, you still need to determine how text wraps around it.
Listing all the Commands Available in Word
You know that there are a lot of features and commands available in Word, but have you ever wondered what they all are? Find out how to get an exhaustive list of the commands, including where they're located and what shortcut key will activate them.
4 Remarkably Easy Ways to Insert Tables in...
Explore 4 different ways to easily insert a table into Microsoft Word.
How to Create a Pages Mail Merge
Do you need to create a mail merge using Pages? This article shows you how to complete the merge.
Is the iPad Good for Word Processing?
Since Apple first announced the iPad, a lot of hype has surrounded the device. It’s not a netbook; it’s not a laptop; and it’s not an e-book reader. So, many people are left wondering exactly how they would use the iPad. Maybe you’re also wondering what you can do on the iPad. The iPad offers many possibilities. But is it a good choice for word processing? Find out now!
Creating a PDF From a File Using Adobe Acrobat
PDF files are an easy way to share documents with others. You don't need to worry about formatting--document formats are retained from computer to computer. That's true no matter the operating system. Fortunately, with the right software, creating a PDF file is a snap. Learn how to create a PDF file from a file on your computer using Adobe Acrobat.
Microsoft Word Files Won't Open
Have you ever had difficulty opening a Word file? Perhaps it opens from Word's Open dialog box, but not when you click on it in Windows. The problem is most likely with Windows' file associations. Fortunately, it can easily be fixed.
Automatically Update Text in Many Documents
If you insert the same text in many documents and dread the thought of going through all the documents to update the text, then this tip is for you. Learn how to insert text as a link in your document so you only have to make your changes once.
Inserting Excel Data into Your Microsoft Word...
Inserting Excel Data into Your Microsoft Word 2010 Document
Creating and Editing PDF Files for Free
PDF files are a handy way to share documents. Not only are they small and easy to email, they also preserve document formatting no matter the operating system. Unfortunately, they're not as easy to create and edit as a Word document. And, you can spend hundreds of dollars on PDF software. Learn how to create and edit PDF files using Adobe Acrobat or free PDF software!
Edit Documents in the Desktop Version of Google...
Google Docs is a handy way to create and edit documents on the go from your iPad. Unfortunately, the mobile version of the site leaves something to be desired. Learn how you can access the Desktop version of Google Docs on your iPad. It makes editing Google Docs files on the iPad much easier.
Choosing the Right Word Processor
Are you in the market for a word processing program? Then don't miss this article! Find out about popular word processing programs, including free Microsoft Word alternatives. You'll get the help you need picking out the right word processor for your needs!
Downloading a Document From Google Docs
Google Docs makes it easy to create, share and print your documents. But, you may want to download your documents for offline use. Fortunately, that is also quite easy. You can download your documents in a variety of different formats. My quick tip will help you download your Google Docs documents to your computer.
How to Add Headers and Footers to iWork Documents
Headers and Footers let you add information about your document at the top or bottom of it. For example, you can add a document title, date, and page numbers. They're a necessity for business documents and academic papers. Read my tip to learn how to use headers and footers in Apple's iWork Pages.
Mail Merge - Introduction to Mail Merge
Mail merge may have a bad name because of direct mailers, but the fact remains that it is one of the most useful word processing features.
Turning on/off Word's Task Pane
Although the Task Pane introduced to Word in 2002 provides quick access to certain commands, many users may find that they would prefer to free up the screen space so they have more room to work on their document. Find out how to turn it on or off and choose whether you want it to open with Word.
Not Able to See WordPerferct Reveal Codes in MS...
Die-hard WordPerfect users who switch to Word always want to know how to reveal codes. While Word has no equivalent feature, recent versions have introduced the Reveal Formatting feature. It pales in comparison to WordPerfect's Reveal Codes feature, but it can prove useful nonetheless.
Introduction to Word
If you're just getting started in Microsoft Word, then this is for you. I'll show you everything you need to know, starting with the components of the window.
Change the Display Color in Word
If you suffer from eyestrain, you're not alone. People who spend hours a day in front of a computer screen tend to experience blurred vision and headaches as a result of eyestrain. Fortunately, here's something you can do to reduce eyestrain when you're working in Word.
How to Save Word Form Data to Use in Excel
Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't provide a quick option for transferring data from your Word forms into Excel. It can be done quite easily, though, once you know how to do it.
Formatting Your Word Document With Styles
When you're working on a long document, it is important to achieve consistent formatting. Unfortunately, this can be difficult when you use intricate formatting. But Word's Syles feature will help you apply the necessary formats with a few clicks of the mouse. Find out how to use the Style feature in Word.
Inserting a Date Field in Your Document
Inserting the date as a field in your document will ensure that the date on the letters you send is always current. This feature is particularly useful for templates and mail merge documents.
Review of Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended
Detailed review of the features of Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, which was released in 2008. The review was updated in October of 2013 to include links to current Adobe products.
Headers and Footers -- Adding Headers and...
If you want to print page numbers, file information, titles, or other important information about your document, headers and footers are the best way to go – you can always rest assured they will appear in the correct place in your document. Find out how to add headers and footers to your document.
Updating Microsoft Office Word
Regardless of the version of Microsoft Office Suite that is installed on your computer, it's important to keep your suite up to date.
How to Password Protect Mac Word Documents
These days, it is important to keep your personal data private. You can do that in Word for Mac by assigning a password to your sensitive documents. Mac Word's password feature is easy to use and will give you extra peace of mind. It is a must if you share a computer.
Pairing a Bluetooth Keyboard to the iPad
The iPad's virtual keyboard is find for typing quick email messages and surfing the Web. But, if you want to use iWork Pages on the iPad for creating longer documents, you'll want a larger physical keyboard. Fortunately, you can pair a Bluetooth wireless keyboard to the iPad. Get started with word processing on the iPad now! Learn how to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your iPad.
Should You Upgrade to Microsoft Word 2013?
Are you thinking of upgrading to Microsoft Office 2013 but you aren't sure if you should? This article discusses the pros and the cons of Word 2013.
How to Use Hyperlinks to Your Word Document
You can link your Microsoft Word documents to other documents, files, websites and more. Learn more about hyperlinks and how to insert them here.
Customizing Envelopes with Pictures
Word does not provide users with an easy way to customize their envelopes with pictures via the Envelopes and Labels dialog box, but this does not mean it can't be done. This quick tutorial will show you how to create an envelope and the customize it with graphics.
Word's Format Painter
If you want to apply the same formatting to different portions of your document and you're not using a template or styles, there is a shortcut. Word's Format Painter will help you copy and apply your formatting with a few clicks.
Show or Hide Text Boundaries
If you've ever wanted to the editable area in your Microsoft Word documents and don't like using the rulers to estimate it, there is a very simple solution. The option to show or hide text boundaries will eliminate the guess work.
Every Thing You Need to Know about Page Setup
Confused by all of the page setup options? Read Every Thing You Need to Know About Page Setup to learn all about it!
How to Create a resume on any iOS Device with...
You don't need a full-fledged word processor to create your resume. All you need is your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and an inexpensive app. You can create and send a polished resume in no time at all. Click here to learn more.
Word Templates -- Saving Your Document as a...
Once you've planned and created a document to use as a Word template, you're ready for the easy part: saving your document as a template.
Changing the Vertical Alignment
If you want to center the text vertically in your document, you don't have to do it manually or guess where to start typing. Word allows you to change the vertical alignment in the page setup dialog box quite easily.
Microsoft Word -- Saving Drafts of Your Documents
There is an easy way to save different versions of your Word documents without cluttering up your hard drive with countless drafts of the same document. Find out how to use the Versions feature in Microsoft Word.
Drag and Drop Copying and Moving
It is easy to copy and move text or objects in your Word document by using the cut , copy , and paste
Saving a Mac Word Document as a PDF File
Mac users are all too aware of compatibility issues when sharing documents. The PDF format is the best way to share a document with other users. In addition to being a cross-platform format, PDF files won't compromise security -- they don't carry viruses. Recent versions of the Mac OS has built-in support for PDF. This means you don't need extra software to create PDF files. Find out how it's done!
Editing a Hyperlink in Microsoft Word
Once you have inserted a Hyperlink in a Word document, you may decide you want to change it. You can edit the address and the display text for a link in a Word document. And it only takes a few simple steps.
Enabling or Disabling AutoComplete
If you find Microsoft Word's AutoComplete feature obtrusive, you're not alone. Find out how to enable or disable this feature.
Saving a Document as a PDF in Mac OS X
You don’t need special software to create PDF files in Mac OS X. Apple has included tools to help you create PDFs from virtually any program. Creating a PDF in Mac OS X is surprisingly easy. Find out how it’s done!
Run AutoExec Macros when you Open Word
An AutoExec macro will run every time Word starts. This is a handy tool if you want to automate certain aspects of your writing projects.
How to Change Where Files Are Saved in...
By default Word saves your files in the My Documents folder on your hard drive. While it is easy enough to change this in the Save dialog box, if you always want to save your documents in a particular folder, it makes a lot of sense to customize Word to accomodate this. Find out how it is done!
A Quick Guide to Creating Templates in Mac Word
If you find yourself creating the same document over and over, you can save some time by creating a document template. Fortunately, creating a template in Word for Mac is simple. Just follow these few steps...
How to Replace the Format of a Font in Word...
If you've ever wanted to replace specific font formatting in Word and have done it manually, you know that it can be a tedious process. Fortunately, you can use Word's Replace dialog box to automate the process.
Maximize Your iPad's Word Processing Capabiliti...
If you're considering word processing on the iPad, you have many app options. This list of popular apps will help you decide which is best for you.
The Pros and Cons of PrimoPDF Converter for Word
if you need to save Microsoft Word files as PDFs but don't want to spend a lot of cash, the free PrimoPDF software is your best bet.
Changing the Position of Image Watermarks
If you're looking to add a little extra creative flair to your document by placing your watermark in an off center position, this tip will show you how.
Troubleshooting Word -- Problems With Word's...
Persistent problems with Word can often be traced back to one of two things: the Normal.dot template or a problem with a Windows registry entry for Word. Fortunately, they're both easy to fix. This tip will show you how to troubleshoot problems with Word's registry entry.
6 Ways to Keep Your Documents Organized in Word
If you spend more time trying to find your Word documents than you do working on them, then this article is a must. These tips will show you how to get your hard drive under control.
Turning off Automatic Hyperlinks
If you’re sending your document electronically, hyperlinks can be a great tool, allowing users to open a web page easily. However, if you’re distributing your document in printed form, hyperlinks serve no good purpose and can throw the formatting of your document off. Find out how to stop Word from inserting hyperlinks automatically.
How to Create Projects from Templates in Google...
If you’re looking for a quick way to create a specific type of document, consider using a template. Templates contain formatting and boilerplate text. All you have to do is add the document content. There are thousands of templates for Google Docs. Find out how easy it is to get up and going with templates in Google Docs!
How to Create a Holiday Newsletter
Are you thinking about creating a newsletter to stuff into you holiday cards? That way, you can let all of your family and friends know what has been happening for the last year? If the answer is yes, make sure to read how to create them!
Beginner's Guide to Entering and Editing Text...
If you're new to Word, this is a must read. This quick article will show you the basics of entering and editing text in Word and will spare you some of the frustrations many new users experience.
Creating Your Own Template in Pages
iWork Pages offers a nice selection of templates. They'll help you create perfectly formatted documents. But you may want to create your own templates in iWork. This will give you more control over what appears in documents based on your template. Luckily, creating templates in Apple's iWork Pages isn't very difficult. Learn what you need to know about creating templates in Pages.
Google Docs Online Word Processing Software
Software is beginning to move from the personal computer to the Internet. Google Docs is a web-based word processor that is compatible with Word. With an impressive set of features, it's worth examining if you're adventurous. Even if you're not prepared to give up your desktop word processing software, you'll find persuasive reasons to use it together with Word or OpenOffice.
How to Find Microsoft Office Templates for Word...
Microsoft Word includes many templates for commonly used types of documents. If you need more, learn how to access Office Online templates for Word.
How to Add Line Numbers
Adding line numbers to a document that requires collaboration takes just a few clicks of the mouse!
Macro -- Macro Defined
Definition of the term macro. Word Processing.
Paste Options -- Change How Word Pastes Text...
When you paste text from another document or from an outside source, the original formatting is retained. In most cases, you will probably want the text to blend seamlessly into your document. Microsoft anticipated this and has included the Paste Options button. It provides quick access to changing the formatting of pasted text. Find out how to use the button. Or, if the button bothers you, find out how to disable the feature!
Create a Macro for Text Formatting
If you frequently format text in a very specific way that incorporates several formatting options, you may want to consider creating a macro.
Printing Documents From an iPad, iPod touch or...
The iPad, iPhone and iPod touch will let you work on your documents anywhere, provided you have the right app. But, the iPad and iPhone don't have USB connections for a printer. That makes it difficult when you want to print your documents on the go. Fortunately, your documents are not trapped on your iOS device. You just need the right app to print them. Click here to learn about an excellent option.
Change the number of files shown in Word 2016's...
Control how many recently used documents are displayed in Microsoft Word 2016, and set a quick access list of recent documents with these options.
Keyboard Shortcuts in Your ToolTips
This Quick Tip discusses how to display keyboard shortcuts in ToolTips.
Using the Equation Tool in Word 2016
Office 2016 has a new feature called “Ink Equation”, which lets users insert equations into Word, Excel, and PowerPoint via a tablet PC, mouse, and stylus.
Creating and Using Templates in Microsoft...
Microsoft Office Word templates are an excellent tool for making your word processing more efficient. Learn how to create and use templates today.
Displaying the Office Clipboard
Many users love the new expanded clipboard that Microsoft has included in recent versions of Word. The problem is, it can be difficult to locate. Here are some tips for displaying the expanded Office clipboard.
Excel and mail merge
The best part about integrated office suites is being able to port data between components. If you have a spreadsheet in Excel you would like to merge with a Word document, it couldn't be easier!
How to Fix a Corrupted Word Document
If you're having problems starting up Word, you should check the Normal.dot template. Many start-up problems can be traced back to a corrupt Normal.dot file. Fortunately, it is the easiest start-up problem to fix.
Changing Font Case in Microsoft Word
When you are working with text in Microsoft Office Word, you can easily toggle the case of your text using several methods.
Disabling Automatic Bulleted and Numbered Lists...
Few features invoke as much ire as Word's automatic bulleted and numbered lists. Although it is designed to make your work in Word easier, many people struggle with it. The formatting can be removed manually or by using the
Use Word for Mac Templates to Insert a Polished...
A nicely designed cover page is quick and easy using Word title page templates. See how to create quality cover pages and title pages in a few clicks.
Creating Tab Leader Lines
If you’re creating a document that contains columns created manually by using the tab key, you may want to include leader lines as part of your tab formatting. These dashed or solid lines will improve the readability of your document, guiding the readers eye to related information.
Creating Automatic Backups of Word Documents
You never know when you're going to need to recover the last version of your document, so it is a good idea to keep a backup copy handy. However, it is easy to forget to backup your documents, particularly if you're busy. If this sounds like you, find out how to have Word create automatic backups for you.
Save a Web Page as a PDF File
PDFs have always been an easy way to share documents. But thanks to e-readers, PDFs are even more useful than they were in the past. You can load PDF files onto your e-reader for later reading. For example, you can save articles you find online so you can read them offline later. Learn how to convert a Web page to a PDF file the easy way.
Retaining Excel Formats in Mail Merge
Getting the formatting right when you use an Excel data source for mail merge can be extremely frustrating. There are ways to correct the formatting by using switches in the field codes, but it can be a time-consuming and frustrating exercise. Fortunately, there is an easy way to circumvent the use of switches and still have your data appear as you would like it.
What to Know about Dragon Naturally Speaking...
Not everyone is a fast typist. Others may suffer from repetitive stress injuries. In either case, you can get a little help with speech recognition. You'll find speech recognition tools in some versions of Word. There's also another solution that you can use system wide: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10. But before you fork over your hard-earned cash on the program, find out if it's right for you. I'll give you the lowdown in my review of Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred 10.
How to Save a Word Document Under a Different...
You can save yourself time when creating a new Word document by reusing an old but similar document and saving it under a new filename. Here's how.
Converting a Table to Text
Have you ever wanted to remove a table from a document -- without losing the contents of the table? Well, you're not alone. You could spend a long time cutting and pasting the contents of the table. Or you could do it the easy way with Word's Convert Table feature.
Inserting and Formatting WordArt
If you’re working on a flyer or newsletter, WordArt is an effective way to call attention to text. WordArt is text that is formatted to look like a picture.
Tips on Naming Word Files
How to name files may seem like a mundane consideration, but adopting a consistent file naming system will serve you well. Start with these naming tips.
Creating a Table of Contents for Mac Documents
A table of contents is an essential part of any longer document. Fortunately, you don't have to struggle to create your table of contents. Word will create and update it for you automatically. Click here to see how easy it is!
Removing Formatting From Specific Areas of Your...
Sometimes you will want to remove the formatting you applied to a specific portion of your document. But if you’ve applied a lot of different formatting elements, this can be tedious. Fortunately, there is an easy way.

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