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Using Templates and Addins

Word Processing Templates and Addins: Find out where to download templates from the web or learn how to create and edit your own.

Tips for Formatting Your Resume
In today's tough job market, you need to stand out from the crowd. While nothing will substitute for experience, a well-formatted resume can help land you an interview. It should be easy to read and highlight your skills and strengths. Of course, there are many ways you can use formatting to do this. Get help from other readers or offer advice...See submissions

Microsoft Word -- Create Word Templates Quickly
Templates will save you a lot of time when you create new documents. If you're looking for a quick way to create a template, or want to make your templates easy to edit, then this tip is for you.

Introduction to Word Templates
One of the best features of word processors is the ability to create templates which can be used as the basis of future documents. By creating templates in Microsoft Word, you can focus your energy on the document content and leave the formatting up to the template.

Microsoft Word -- Start-up Problems & the Normal Template
If you're having problems starting up Word, you should check the Normal.dot template. Many start-up problems can be traced back to a corrupt Normal.dot file. Fortunately, it is the easiest start-up problem to fix.

Microsoft Word -- Protecting the Normal Template
Many macro viruses attack the Normal.dot template. Find out how you can increase your computer's security and give yourself a little more piece of mind by protecting the Normal.dot template.

Finding Word Templates on Office Online
Microsoft offers a variety of templates on the Office web site. If you’re looking for help formatting your document, the Office site is a good place to start. Fortunately, Microsoft makes things easy by allowing you to download templates from within Word.

Blogger for Word -- Managing a Blog With Microsoft Word
Anyone who manages a blog has probably wished at some point that blogging software was more like a word processor. Well, some bloggers are about to get their wish. Blogging software is starting to look a lot like Word. In fact, it is Word!

For those of you who don’t have a blog, this might make you change your mind. Blogging has never been easier.

Introduction to WordPerfect Templates
While WordPerfect templates are widely available for download over the internet, you might have some trouble find one that exactly matches your needs. Fortunately, if you are having difficulties finding what you want, you can create your own with a minimum of effort.

Creating Shortcuts to Your Templates
Word makes it fairly easy to get to your templates by allowing you to open them from the New file dialog box. However, creating a shortcut to your template will eliminate a few steps and allow you to get to your template faster -- perfect for templates you use on a frequent basis!

Protecting Templates with File Sharing Passwords
If you work in a multi-user environment, you'll want to make sure that the templates you create are safe from unwanted modifications. Find out how to assign a file sharing password to your templates so that only authorized users can alter the template while other users will still be able to access it.

More Open Office Templates
This site has a good selection of templates that will help you format letters and manuscripts in Writer. If there's something here you'd like to add to your collection, select the Star Office version of the template.

Open Office Extras
If you're looking for a template to use with Writer, this should be your first stop. It has the widest selection of templates and other extras for all components of the Open Office suite.

Word Download Center
If you're a Word user, then you'll want to bookmark the Word Download Center. Maintained by Microsoft, it provides templates, addins, and last but not least, service packs designed to correct any vulnerabilities.

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