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Free PDF Software Tips and Tutorials

PDF files have become a popular way to share documents. PDF documents retain the same formatting from computer to computer, regardless of operating system. They can be read with free software like Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader. Find PDF software and learn how to create and edit PDF files with Adobe Acrobat and free PDF creation and editing software.
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Working on PDFs on the iPad
The iPad lets you view and edit a variety of different document types virtually anywhere you go. You won’t have any trouble working with Word documents and spreadsheets. Things are slightly different when it comes to PDF files. You can view them without any trouble. Learn how an inexpensive app will let you edit them, too.

Combine Multiple Document Types Into a Single PDF Portfolio
PDF files provide a convenient way to share documents with others. But sometimes, you want to share the original files. Fortunately, in recent versions of Adobe Acrobat, you can create PDF portfolios. A PDF portfolio can contain a variety of different file types in a single PDF unit. A PDF portfolio is easy to share, yet allows the recipient to...

User Reviews of Adobe Acrobat X PDF Creation and Editing Software
Adobe Acrobat has become synonymous with PDF creation and editing. But that doesn't mean that the program is right for everyone. Before you decide if you should buy the Adobe Acrobat X, the latest version of the PDF editor, it pays to see what others who are already using the program think. Click here for user reviews of Adobe Acrobat X--or...See submissions

Adobe Acrobat is synonymous with PDF software. So, if you're in the market for a program to create and edit PDFs, you'll probably consider Acrobat. But before you decide if Acrobat X, the latest version of Acrobat, is right for you, read my buying guide. I'll let you know what to expect from Acrobat X.

Creating and Editing PDF Files for Free

PDF files are a handy way to share documents. Not only are they small and easy to email, they also preserve document formatting no matter the operating system. Unfortunately, they're not as easy to create and edit as a Word document. And, you can spend hundreds of dollars on PDF software. But, things are changing. These tips will help get you up and going with PDF software--it doesn't matter if you're using Adobe Acrobat or free PDF software.

Putting Personal Files on an E-reader
Your Kindle and iPad are great for reading the latest best-seller. But, you're not just limited to reading e-books. You can go paper-free and load...

Convert Paper Documents to PDF Files With Adobe Acrobat
Are your filing cabinets overflowing with papers? Then bring your files into the digital age. Using your scanner and Adobe Acrobat, you can convert printed pages to PDF files. It doesn't need to be time-consuming or difficult. Go paper-free and convert your files to PDF documents now!

Exporting a PDF to a Word Document in Adobe Acrobat
PDF files are a convenient way to share documents. But, editing PDFs isn't always convenient. You may prefer to edit the contents of a shared PDF document in Word. You can cut and paste the contents of a PDF into a Word document. But, a better option is to convert the PDF to a Word document. Find out how to convert a PDF to Word the easy way!

Creating a PDF From a File Using Adobe Acrobat
PDF files are an easy way to share documents with others. You don't need to worry about formatting--document formats are retained from computer to computer. That's true no matter the operating system. Fortunately, with the right software, creating a PDF file is a snap. Learn how to create a PDF file from a file on your computer using Adobe Acrobat.

Foxit Phantom PDF Suite 2.0
If you need a PDF-editing program, you don't need to shell out hundreds of dollars on Adobe Acrobat. There are alternatives that are easier on your wallet. Foxit Phantom PDF Suite is one such alternative. This low-cost PDF suite claims to be faster and lighter than Adobe Acrobat. So, does it live up to this claim? Is it a worthwhile alternative? Get answers to these questions and more in my revie…

Acrobat.com Review
You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on Microsoft Word. Nor do you need to install any software on your computer to do word processing. You'll find great free online services like Acrobat.com. Acrobat.com includes the Buzzword word processor. You can also meet with co-workers online to collaborate. Or, create free PDF files from your documents. But first, see how Acrobat.com stacks up to the competition!

Saving a Document as a PDF in Mac OS X
You don’t need special software to create PDF files in Mac OS X. Apple has included tools to help you create PDFs from virtually any program. Creating a PDF in Mac OS X is surprisingly easy. Find out how it’s done!

Save a Web Page as a PDF File
PDFs have always been an easy way to share documents. But thanks to e-readers, PDFs are even more useful than they were in the past. You can load PDF files onto your e-reader for later reading. For example, you can save articles you find online so you can read them offline later. Learn how to convert a Web page to a PDF file the easy way.

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