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Inserting Outlook Contact Information in a Word Document
Part 1: Using the Letter Wizard to Insert Outlook Contact Information
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The interoperability of Microsoft Word and Outlook can save you from having to look up addresses for letter recipients and then type them into your documents. However, while you have easy access to your Outlook contact information when you’re setting up a mail merge, the command to insert contact information from Outlook into a single document is somewhat difficult to find. Fortunately, though, once you find the command, it is quite easy to insert names and addresses from Outlook into your document; all you need to do is select a name from a dialog box and click OK.

There are two ways to insert the contact information into your document. The first way is via Word’s Letter Wizard; it assumes you are setting up a letter and inserts the contact information and a greeting line at the top of your document. The second method bypasses the wizard and inserts the information (without a greeting line) at the cursor position.

Using the Letter Wizard to Insert Outlook Contact Information

1. Click on the Tools menu
2. From the Letters and Mailings submenu, select Letter Wizard…

3. On the Recipient Info tab, click on the picture of the open book

4. You will be presented with the Select Name dialog box

5. If you have several Outlook folders that contain contact information, you will need to select the appropriate folder from the drop down box beside the Show Names from the: label
6. To insert your contact’s address select the contact’s name from the list under the label Type Name or Select from List:
7. You can use the radio buttons to select whether to use their mailing address, home address, or another address you entered in Outlook
8. When you are done, click OK
9. Click OK on the Letter Wizard dialog box

At this point you can return to your document and continue with your letter.

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