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Working With Images in Microsoft Word

You can add many different types of images to your Word documents. You can even add images as a watermark that appears in the background of your document.

The ability to insert pictures is invaluable when you're creating a flier or working on marketing materials.

Here you'll find tips for inserting pictures and formatting them.

How To Position Images in Your Document
If you have inserted an image into your document, you may need to change how the image is placed in your document.

Customizing Envelopes with Pictures
Word does not provide users with an easy way to customize their envelopes with pictures via the Envelopes and Labels dialog box, but this does not mean it can't be done. This quick tutorial will show you how to create an envelope and the customize it with graphics.

Inserting and Formatting WordArt
If you’re working on a flyer or newsletter, WordArt is an effective way to call attention to text. WordArt is text that is formatted to look like a picture. But use WordArt cautiously...

Working With Images in Microsoft Word
You can insert a variety of pictures and images in your Word document. Word will handle all the popular image types, such as jpeg, gif, png, and tiff. There are several easy ways to insert your an image in your document. And, once you've inserted your picture, you have a number of options for changing its appearance. So find out how to spice up your documents with picture now!

Enabling/Disabling Picture Placeholders
If you’ve inserted a picture or an object such as an Excel spreadsheet in your Word file, but instead of the table you only see an outline where it should be, you might have picture placeholders enabled. Find out how to disable this feature and see what you’ve inserted in the document. Or, conversely, if you want to save some of your computing resources, find out how to enable this feature.

Controlling Image Sizes in Word
If you want to use Word to edit photos, or even if you frequently include images in your Word document, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the “Compress Pictures” button on the Pictures toolbar. While it won’t give you absolute control over your images in Word, it will help you limit the file size of documents that contain images.

Watermarks -- Creating Custom Watermark Text
When you're adding a watermark to your Word document, you're not limited to the options Word provides. Find out how to create your own custom watermark text. Your choices are virtually limitless!

Changing the Position of Image Watermarks
Unfortunately, your options are limited when you insert an image watermark in Word -- they will always appear centered in the middle of the page. If you're looking to add a little extra creative flair to your document by placing your watermark in an off center position, this tip will show you how to work around the limitations.

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