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Using the Insert Table Toolbar Button to Insert a Table in Your Word Document


There are many ways to insert tables in your Word document. However, the quickest way to create a table from scratch is to use the Insert Table toolbar button.

To insert a table using this method, simply click the Insert Table toolbar button when your cursor is positioned at the place in your document where you would like the table to begin. A grid will pop up allowing you to select how many rows and columns you would like your table to contain. Simply use your mouse to select the number of rows and columns by highlighting the boxes (text at the bottom of the grid will indicate what your selection is). When you have specified the correct number of rows and columns, simply click once, and your table will be inserted.

While this method will create a table with uniform columns and rows, you can still customize your table after it is inserted by right-clicking on the table handle (the double-headed arrow at the top left corner of the table) and using the options on the shortcut menu to make changes. Hint: if you don’t immediately see what you need on the shortcut menu, select Table Properties for more advanced options.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Insert Table button, you can refer to this toolbar guide to help you locate the button on the standard toolbar.

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