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Creating Tab Leader Lines


If you’re creating a document that contains columns created manually by using the tab key, you may want to include leader lines as part of your tab formatting. These dashed or solid lines will improve the readability of your document, guiding the readers eye to related information.

Creating tabs with leader lines is a little more difficult than creating regular tabs, but it is still a relatively simple process. The main difficulty will be determining where you want to set your tab stops, as you will need to be able to specify them in inches.

1. Select the paragraph(s) where you would like to apply the tab stops
2. Select Tabs from the Format menu
3. In the Tab stop position box, specify in inches where you would like to set a tab stop
4. In the leader section, select the leader style you would like to apply (by default, none is selected)
5. Click Set
6. Repeat for each tab stop you would like to set
7. Click OK when all tab stops have been set

To delete a tab stop, simply select it and then click Clear and OK.

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