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Displaying the Office Clipboard


Many users appreciate the expanded clipboard that Microsoft has introduced to recent versions of Word. It allows you to copy multiple items and then paste them into the document you’re working on or into a new document. Further, you can view the clipboard in the task pane, allowing you to select what you’re going to paste – you are not limited to the last item you copied.

However, some users find it a hassle to display the clipboard, as it does not appear automatically when you open Word. There are several ways to display the expanded clipboard, and some are easier than others:

1. Hold down the Ctrl key and press C twice – the task pane will open and the clipboard will be displayed

2. From the Taskpane, select Clipboard from the drop down menu

3. From the Edit menu, select Office Clipboard

4. From the Options menu on the Clipboard Taskpane, select Show Office Clipboard Automatically and deselect Collect Without Showing Office Clipboard – when you copy more than one item, the Clipboard will appear.

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