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How to Create a Holiday Newsletter


Do you want to keep your family and friends up-to-date on what is happening with your family? Maybe you have some cute pictures of your kids or animals that you want to add in? One simple way of accomplishing this is through a Holiday newsletter.

Create a family newsletter around the holidays is simply a combination of tools in Microsoft Word. You can also create these in other word processing programs by following the same steps.

1. Add Columns

Adding columns helps you create a newsletter feel. It helps you add information so that it looks like newspaper columns. You can add two columns, three columns, or more. However, more than two or three will hinder adding pictures. You can also have a line separating the columns, or create you columns in unequal sizes to add visual appeal to your newsletter.

Read to learn how to Add Columns to your holiday newsletter.

2. Type Your Text

Now that you have your columns in your document, type the information that you want to add. Include personal items about each family member. Include things like achievements made throughout the year, awards won, new jobs, births, or anything that you want your friends and family to know about. Try breaking up your text by family member.

3. Add Pictures

To keep the newsletter personal, make sure to add lots of candid shots of your family. Adding pictures helps your friends and family connect with what is going on in your life. This can be pictures of your kids, your pets, your house, school pictures, or really, any picture that makes you smile.

Read to learn how to Add Images to your holiday newsletter.

4. Add Clip Art

You can also add some Clip Art images to add a sense of holiday spirit to your newsletter. Clip Art is free to use if it comes from the Microsoft site, and they have clip part for just about every holiday and season. For example, you might add a Clip Art image of a snow man, a Christmas tree, or a menorah.

Read to learn how to Add Images and Clip Art to your holiday newsletter.

5. Add Border Art

One of the easiest ways to add some holiday flair to your family newsletter is by adding Border Art. This adds a repeating image around the pages of your newsletter. You can add Christmas trees, holy, poinsettias, candy canes, and many more. You can even change the color on some if the Border Art images.

Read to learn how to Add Border Art to your holiday newsletter.

6. Give It a Try!

Now that you have read about how different tools can be combined to create a great family newsletter, give it a try! Try creating a newsletter that lets your family and friends know what is happening with your family and friends. You can print these off and either send them as a standalone letter, or my favorite, add them to your Christmas cards!

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