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How to Create an Easy Macro in Microsoft Word 2010


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What can a Macro do for You?

Do you hear the word macro and want to run screaming? Have no fear; the majority of macros are easy and require nothing more than a few extra mouse clicks. A macro is simply a recording of a repetitive task. For example, a macro can insert “Draft” into a document or make printing a duplex copy at work easier. If you have complex formatting that you need to apply to text on a regular basis, consider a macro. You can also use macros to insert boilerplate text, change page layout, insert a header or footer, add page numbers and dates, insert a preformatted table, or just about any task that you perform on a regular basis. By creating a macro based on a repetitive task, you have the ability to perform the task in one button click or a keyboard shortcut.

For information on creating macros in different Word versions, read Creating Macros in Word 2007 or Creating Macros in Word 2003

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