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Paste Options -- Change How Word Pastes Text into Documents


When you paste a selection from another document or program into a Word file, formatting can often be a problem. The text will retain the formatting from the original source. But you probably want the text to blend seamlessly with the document.

In most cases, when you paste text into your documents, Word shows the Paste Options button. The button is a small square with a picture of a clipboard. Click on it, and you’re given a few handy options.

You can choose to keep the text formatting or change the formatting to match the surrounding text. Additionally, you can insert the text without any formatting or apply a defined style to the text. Simply click on your choice to make the change.

There is a downside to the Paste Options button: It can be a nuisance. The button remains until you click it and make a selection or until you start typing again. Therefore, it can get in your way. Many people prefer to use a macro to dictate how text is pasted or use another method to change the text formatting. That way, they can disable the Paste Options button.

If you would like to disable the Paste Options button, it only takes a few steps:

1. Click Tools and select Options
2. Open the Edit tab
3. Under Cut and paste options, deselect Show Paste Options buttons
4. Click OK

If you disable the Paste Options button, you can always get it back. Just follow the above steps. Instead of deselecting the option, select it.

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