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Save Time With Templates in Word 2010


Templates are a great way to save time in Microsoft Word. In case you've never used a template before, it is simply a document that contains formatting and boilerplate text. You can customize it by adding text. Fortunately, creating a template in Word 2010 is easy.

To create your template, start with a document that you'd like to base it on. It should contain all the boilerplate text and formatting you'd like your template to have. Remove any content or formatting that you don't need.

After you have the content of your template finalized, you're ready to save your document of your template. To do that, follow these steps:

1. Click the File tab menu

2. Select Save As

3. Enter a clear name for your template in the File Name box

4. Select Word Template (.dotx) in the Save As Type box

5. Click Save.

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