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Introduction to Word
Part 2: The Word Toolbars
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When you open Word, the menubar, standard toolbar, and the formatting toolbar are automatically displayed beneath the program’s blue title bar.

While these can easily be turned off, the menubar provides access to all the commands and options available in Word and the toolbars provide quick access to the most frequently used commands, so it is advisable not to turn them off. If you choose to, right-click on the menubar, toolbar, or the gray space surrounding them and deselect them by clicking on their names in the pop up list.

Conversely, if you later decide to display them, or if you would like to display some of the other Word toolbars, simply right click on the gray space below the title bar and select the toolbar(s) you would like to view by clicking on their names. If you want to add more than one toolbar, you will have to add them each individually.

If you don’t like the positioning of the toolbars, you can easily move them. Simply click on the gray shaded bar on the left side of the toolbar, and, continuing to hold the mouse key, drag the bar to the desired location. While the toolbars automatically dock to the sides of the window, you can drag them to the document portion of the window for quicker access to the commands. They will always stay in the same relative position of the window, above the document text.

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