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A Guide to the Standard Toolbar Buttons
Part 1: File Commands
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By default, the Standard toolbar appears every time you open Word; it is usually docked below the menu bar, although it can be moved anywhere in the Word window that is most convenient for you. You can also turn the toolbar off by right clicking it and deselecting it from the list that pops up, although unless you are extremely proficient in Word and know all the shortcut keys, you will probably leave it in place. Depending on which version of Word you are using and the customization that you or another user has done to the toolbars, the buttons that appear on the bar may vary.

The following buttons are the first set on the toolbar and control file commands such as saving and searching for files:

New File: Creates a new Word file.
Open File: Opens an Word file saved to your hard drive or removable media.
Save File: Saves the current document.
Email: Emails the current document.
Send to Mail Recipient (as Attachment): Emails the current document as an attachment.
Search: Opens a dialogue box that will guide you through a search of the current document or your entire hard drive.

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