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Special Characters -- Inserting Special Characters
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Special characters are symbols that do not appear on the Windows keyboard. Of course, what is determined to be a special character will vary from country to country, depending on the keyboard you are using and the installation language for your version of Word. Note: Word differentiates between symbols and special characters, but this seems a bit unnecessary -- most users won't notice much of a difference between a special character and a symbol, except that special character is a more restrictive definition.

If you are looking for a special character such as the currency sign for a different country or the copyright or trademark symbols, you will find it in the Symbol dialog box. To get to this box, simply select Symbol from the Insert menu.

When the dialog box appears, select the symbol you would like from the display.

If you do not see the symbol you would like to insert, check the Special Character tab, as the Special Character tab has fewer entries to search through. If you don't see it on the Special Character tab, switch back to the Symbol tab and check the other font sets. To access the other sets, click on the drop-down box beside the Font label. You may have to go through several font sets before you find the symbol you would like to insert into your document. Once you do find the special character, you can do one of two things:

  • Double click the special character
  • Click the special character once and then click the Insert button at the bottom of the box
Once you are done with the dialog box, click Close to return to the document. The special character you chose will be inserted in the document at the cursor’s location.

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