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Symbols -- Assigning Keystrokes to Symbols
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If you use a particular symbol on a regular basis, you may want to consider assigning a shortcut key to the symbol; if you choose to do so, you will be able to insert the symbol into your document by using a keystroke and bypassing the Symbol dialog box altogether.

To assign a keystroke to a symbol, access the Symbol dialog box and highlight the symbol that you intend to use. Once the symbol is highlighted, click the Shortcut Key button below the area that displays the symbols. The Customize Keyboard dialog box will appear.

A cursor will appear in the Press new shortcut key box. Enter the keystroke you would like to assign to the symbol. It is important that you use a keystroke that you will associate with the symbol and that has not already been assigned to another symbol, command, or function. If the keystroke has already been assigned, the command name will appear to the right of the Currently assigned to: label. If you have entered a keystroke and need to change it, hit the backspace key and enter a new keystroke for the symbol.

You have the option of saving the shortcut key for the symbol with a particular template, such as the Normal template, the one upon which all documents are based by default, or with the current document. If you choose the current document, the shortcut key will only insert the symbol when you are editing this document; if you choose a template, the shortcut key will be available in all documents that are based on that template. To make your selection, click on the drop down box beside Save changes in and highlight your choice. Click Assign and Close. When the Symbol dialog box reappears, click Close or Cancel. Your Shortcut key will be ready for use and your symbol easily accessible.

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