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Working With Word's Endnotes Feature


Working with endnotes is generally easier than working with footnotes. You don’t need to worry about spacing them correctly on the page. However, it you add, remove, or move parts of your document, you may need to update your endnotes.

When you’re working on an academic paper, it’s important that sources are sited correctly. You can avoid mistakes introduced in the editing process by using Word’s endnotes feature. It’s surprisingly easy!

To insert endnotes, follow these steps:

1. Place the cursor where the endnote mark should be located
2. On the Insert menu, select Reference
3. On the Reference submenu, click Footnote…
4. Make sure Endnotes is selected in the Location section
5. Select End of document or End of section
6. Beside Numbering select Continuous or Restart each section
7. Click Insert

The endnote mark will appear at the selected location. Word will take you to the endnotes at the end of the section or the end of the document.

8. Enter the endnote text. Add formatting if desired

You can add endnotes in any order you want. Word automatically updates the numbering.

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