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How to Create a Microsoft Word 2010 Mail Merge


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Connect to Your Data File
Select your data file

Select your data file

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Now that you have selected your document type, you need to tell Word where the data is stored. To do this, you connect your main document to your data file. You can select to use Outlook contacts, create a new list, or connect to an existing list, such as an Excel spreadsheet or a database.

  1. Click the drop-down menu on the Select Recipients button on the Mailings tab in the Start Mail Merge section.
  2. Select Type New List, Use Existing List, or Select from Outlook Contacts..
  • If typing a new list, enter your data and save the file.
  • If connecting to an existing list, navigate to where the list is saved and select it.
  • If choosing Outlook Contacts, select the contact list.

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