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Using Safe Mode to Diagnose Word Startup Problems


If you’re experiencing problems when you start Word, safe mode will help you narrow down the source of the problem. Because Word loads the registry data key, the Normal.dot template, and any other add-ins or templates located in the Office startup folder, the source of your problem will not be immediately apparent. To find out if the problem likes with any of the aforementioned components of Word, follow these steps to start Word in safe mode:

1. Select Run from the Windows Start menu

2. Type winword.exe /a (you must insert the space before the /a; also, you may need to type the entire file path or use the Browse button to locate the file)

3. Click OK

If Word starts okay, then the problem lies in either the registry data key or something located in the Office startup folder. Your first step should be to delete the Normal.dot template, as this is the cause of most startup problems in Word. For help fixing registry data key problems, consult the Microsoft Office Update Support page.

If Word does not start correctly in safe mode, or if you don’t want to get into editing your registry, it may be time to reinstall Word. Remember to back up your settings first!

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