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Microsoft Word -- Understanding the Word Window

Those who are new to Word are often confused by the different parts of the window. Even those who are experienced in Word often don't understand or use all the controls. So start exploring and find out where everything is in Word!
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Changing Word Document Views
Word provides a number of different ways for viewing the document you’re working on. Each displays different elements of your document. Learn what is displayed in each view; more importantly, learn how to switch between document views. This quick tutorial shows you how.
The Office Clipboard -- Displaying the Expanded Clipboard
Many users love the new expanded clipboard that Microsoft has included in recent versions of Word. The problem is, it can be difficult to locate. Here are some tips for displaying the expanded Office clipboard.
Guide to Document Views
If you've ever wondered why certain elements of your Word document seem to disappear, then maybe this guide to document views will help you solve your problem. Find out what you can or can't see in the different document views available in Word.
Working With Word's Personalized Menus
Confused by Word's menus? In recent versions of Word, not all menu items appear at first, only the frequently used commands. Get the scoop on how it works and how you can turn off Word's personalized menus.
Change the Microsoft Word Office Assistant
If you like the animated office assistant, but you’re getting a little tired of Clippit, Microsoft has included a whole gallery of assistants for you to choose from. My personal favorite is Rocky the dog.
A Guide to the Formatting Toolbar Buttons
The Word toolbars provide quick access to frequently used commands. The formatting toolbar appears by default and offers a bounty of commands that will help you get your document in tip-top shape!
A Guide to the Standard Toolbar Buttons
Wondering what all the buttons are on Word's standard toolbar? This illustrated guide will tell you what they all do!
Splitting the Document Area
Ever wish you could view two parts of your document at the same time? Well, Microsoft included this cool feature that will split the document area into two sections that you can scroll through separately.
The Window Components
If you've never used Word before, this is the place to start. This quick tutorial will guide you around the Word workspace, pointing out the features and showing you how they work.
Displaying More Files in Microsoft Word's File List
Word makes it easy for you to access your recently used files from the File menu without having to search through the folders on your hard drive. This tip will show you how to change the number of Files Word will display.
Displaying the Function Key Commands
If you are unfamiliar with the function keys and what they do, then it is time to learn how to use them and increase your proficiency in word! This quick tip will show you how to have Word display the commands associated with the keys.
Displaying Microsoft Word's Shortcut Keys
Shortcut keys can save you a lot of time when you're working in Word. If you don't know the shortcut keys for the commands, don't fret. You can have Word display the shortcut keys in the ScreenTips. Here's how!
Show or Hide Text Boundaries
If you've ever wanted to the editable area in your Microsoft Word documents and don't like using the rulers to estimate it, there is a very simple solution. The option to show or hide text boundaries will eliminate the guess work.
Turn off the Microsoft Word Office Assistant
Microsoft had good intentions in mind when it created Clippit and the other animated Office Assistants. However, some users find the animations less amusing than downright annoying. If you’re one of those people, you can send him packing!
Turning on/off Microsoft Word's Task Pane
Although the Task Pane introduced to Word in 2002 provides quick access to certain commands, many users may find that they would prefer to free up the screen space so they have more room to work on their document. Find out how to turn it on or off and choose whether you want it to open with Word.

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