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Acrobat.com Review

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The Bottom Line

Acrobat.com offers an impressive set of features. With Buzzword, you can create, edit and print your word processing documents. It is also easy to share your documents with others, thanks to the sharing feature.

Business users will love Acrobat.com's ConnectNow feature. This lets you meet with your co-workers online. Share and collaborate on documents or let other users take over your desktop.

But, Acrobat.com does have its flaws. Advanced users will find Buzzword light on features; they may not want to give up their desktop program. But, the average user will be delighted by this free Microsoft Word alternative.


  • Buzzword is a free, easy-to-use word processor
  • Acrobat.com provides free storage for your documents
  • Meet with colleagues online and share your desktop with ConnectNow
  • Convert your files to PDF with Adobe's powerful PDF software
  • Slick interface


  • Limited word processing features
  • Sharing Buzzword documents in ConnectNow isn't seamless
  • Buzzword doesn't include document templates


  • File formats (import): plain text, rich text, Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX), OpenOffice, Word 2003 XML
  • File formats (export): plain text, rich text, Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX), OpenOffice, Word 2003 XML, ePub, HTML, PDF
  • Browsers supported: Firefox, Safari, IE

Guide Review - Acrobat.com Review

Acrobat.com isn't the only online service to offering free word processing software. There's also Google Docs, Zoho Writer, and ThinkFree Online, to name a few. But, Adobe's ambitions are much more evident. Acrobat.com is a full-featured online meeting place.

Buzzword is Acrobat.com's word processing tool. You won't find some of the advanced features of desktop software like Microsoft Word. But, it offers most of the features an average business user needs. You can insert tables, lists, comments, and images in your documents.

Of course, you can import and export documents to and from your desktop. This makes Acrobat.com perfect for those who want to work both online and off. Buzzword supports a variety of popular word processing formats like rich text and Microsoft Word formats. You can even save documents as PDF files.

Sharing your work is also easy. You can allow others full privileges, or restrict what changes can be made to your documents. And, with 5 GB of free online storage, you can share a whole library of documents with your colleagues.

But, Acrobat.com's real draw is the ConnectNow service. It allows you to schedule online meetings, complete with whiteboard at a moment's notice. Just log in and send meeting notices to participants. Attach a webcam for video conferencing and allow others to view your computer desktop.

Acrobat.com has recently added presentations. These presentations provide plenty of tools to help you customize beautiful presentations. Unfortunately, at this time, the presentation tools don't work with Buzzword documents. Nor can you upload PowerPoint presentations. But, it will be exciting to see the progress once it is released from labs. Acrobat.com may not replace your desktop software, at least when it comes to word processing. But, it offers a powerful set of features that any business user should check out.
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