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Online Word Processing Software, Storage and Tools

Online word processing software lets you work from any computer. All you need is a Web browser. There is no additional software to install on your computer. And, you can even store you documents online for easy access, too. These great tips will help you get started with online word processing.

Synchronize Google Documents With Your Computer
Google Docs is a great way to work on your documents on the go. Unfortunately, online word processing services pose a problem. It is easy for your online documents to get out of sync with the ones on your computer. So, if you use Google Docs, learn how you can automatically sync your online documents with the ones on your computer. It even works...

Tips for Keeping Your Microsoft Office Web Apps Documents Organized
SkyDrive provides a lot of free storage space for your Microsoft Office Web Apps documents--25 gigabytes to be exact. With this much space, you can quickly end up with a mess. Don't wait precious time sorting through documents to find what you need. Take a few moments to learn how to organize your Web Apps documents. Read my handy tip now.

Introduction to Google Docs
Google Docs is one ofthe most popular online word processing programs. Although its features can't compete with Microsoft Word, it is a simple and effective program. It is easy to upload Word documents from your computer to work on them in Google Docs. You can also download documents from the service or share them with others. These tips will get you up and going in Google Docs quickly.

Using Templates in Google Docs
If you’re looking for a quick way to create a specific type of document, consider using a template. Templates contain formatting and boilerplate text. All you have to do is add the document content. There are thousands of templates for Google Docs. Find out how easy it is to get up and going with templates in Google Docs!

Changing the Default Document Formatting in Google Docs
When you create a document in Google Docs, it automatically applies the default font style, line spacing and background color to the document. It is easy enough to change this formatting in part or all of your document. Why not make things easy on yourself? Learn how to change the default document settings in Google Docs!

Downloading a Document From Google Docs
Google Docs makes it easy to create, share and print your documents. But, you may want to download your documents for offline use. Fortunately, that is also quite easy. You can download your documents in a variety of different formats. My quick tip will help you download your Google Docs documents to your computer.

Uploading Word Documents to Google Docs
Google Docs lets you create, edit and share word processing documents online. Fortunately, you don't need to create all of the documents in Google Docs. You can upload Word documents from your computer. You can then work on the documents in Google Docs or share them with others. My quick tip will help you upload files to Google Docs. It's easy!

Sharing Your Documents Via Google Docs
One of the best features of Google Docs is the ability to share documents with others. You can make your work available to friends, family, and colleagues. You can share one or all of your documents and specify who can view a document and who can edit it. See how easy it is to share via Google Docs by reading this quick tip now!

What's New in Word 2010
Microsoft is gearing up to release the latest version of its word processing program, Microsoft Word 2010. Learn what's new in the updated version of Word. I'll even tell you how you can download a trial version of Office 2010, the full office suite!

Acrobat.com Review
You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on Microsoft Word. Nor do you need to install any software on your computer to do word processing. You'll find great free online services like Acrobat.com. Acrobat.com includes the Buzzword word processor. You can also meet with co-workers online to collaborate. Or, create free PDF files from your documents. But first, see how Acrobat.com stacks up to the competition!

5 Free Online Tools That Make Word Processing a Breeze
Your word processing software provides a variety of tools to help you create and edit documents. But, it doesn't provide all the tools you need. You'll need to look elsewhere if you need to create PDF files, store documents online or convert documents to different formats. Fortunately, there are plenty of free Web sites that will help. Find out about five essential online services to help you wit…

Zoho Online Word Processor
Zoho Writer is a free alternative to desktop word processing programs. It offers Web-based editing of documents. You can access your work from anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can upload and download your Word documents from anywhere. But, this program does have its drawbacks.

ThinkFree Online
If you're looking for a solution to desktop word processors, ThinkFree might be the alternative for you. It offers Web-based editing of documents. You can access your work from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Upload and download word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations -- all for free!

Google Docs Online Word Processing Software Review
Software is beginning to move from the personal computer to the Internet. Google Docs is a web-based word processor that is compatible with Word. With an impressive set of features, it's worth examining if you're adventurous. Even if you're not prepared to give up your desktop word processing software, you'll find persuasive reasons to use it together with Word or OpenOffice.

Microsoft Word Online
Just a few years ago, a free version of Microsoft Word was unthinkable. But, things have changed, thanks to free word processing programs like OpenOffice and online services like Google Docs, Microsoft has been forced to offer a free solution. Microsoft Office Web Apps in a free online version of Office that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Find out how it stacks up against the comp…

Uploading Documents to the Microsoft Word Web App
You can create and edit documents directly online with the Microsoft Word Web App. But you’ll also want to upload documents you create in the desktop version of Microsoft Word. This will allow you to share your documents or access them from any computer. To learn how to upload documents to the Microsoft Web Apps, read my quick tip.

Saving Time With Templates in Google Docs
A template is an easy way to save time when working on a document in Google Docs. A template is a document that contains formatting and boilerplate text. All you need to do is add your content. You can reuse your template over and over. There are plenty of templates available for Google Docs. But if you can't find one that suits your needs, you...

Working With Previous Document Versions in the Microsoft Word Web App
One welcome feature in the Microsoft Word Web App is document versioning. The app automatically saves earlier drafts of a document. That makes it easy to see how a document has evolved over time. Better yet, you can easily restore an older version of a document. All it takes is a few mouse clicks! Learn what you need to know about versioning in...

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