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Setting Page Margins for Word Documents


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Applying Margins to All or Part of Your Word Document
Selecting the Portion of the Document for Which You'd Like to Change the Margins

You can apply your custom margins to your entire document or only a portion of it.

Your margins do not have to be the same throughout your Word document. Word lets you apply margins to specific portions of your document.

In the Preview section of the Page Setup dialog box, you can select how to apply the margins.

Click the drop-down box to select the portion of the document for which you would like to change the margins.

To apply the margins to the entire document, select Whole document. Or, select This point forward to apply the margins from the cursor position forward.

You can also apply the margins to only a paragraph or two. Just select the portion of the document to which you would like to apply the margins. However, you must do this before you open the Page Setup dialog to adjust the margins. Then, choose Selected text in the drop-down box.

Once you’ve made your choices, click OK to apply them to the document. Most printers require a half-inch margin. If your margins are outside your printer’s printable area, you’ll receive a warning message when you print.
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