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Setting Page Margins for Word Documents


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Specifying Custom Margins in Word
Word's Page Setup Dialog Box

In Word's Page Setup box, you can specify custom margins and specify other options for your document.

To specify custom margins for a Microsoft Word document, select Custom Margins after clicking the Margins button on the Page Layout tab.

The Page Setup dialog box will open. Click the Margins tab.

Word gives you a number of options for setting your margins. You can use the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right boxes in the Margins section to specify the respective margin size.

Simply highlight the entry you would like to change. Then, enter a new number. (You don’t need to include the quote sign.) The number should be the distance in inches from the text to the edge of the page. You can also use the arrows to increase or decrease the margins in pre-defined increments.

The Page Setup dialog box lets you apply the margins to all or part of your document. Keep reading for instructions.
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