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Recording Macros in Word 2007


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Preparing to Record Your Word Macro
Word's Record Macro Dialog Box

In Word's Record Macro dialog box, you can name and describe your custom macro. You also have options for creating shortcuts to your macro.

Now you're ready to get started creating your macro. Open the Developer tab and click Record Macro in the Code section.

Enter a name for the Macro in the Macro Name box. The name you choose can't be the same as a built-in macro. Otherwise, the built-in macro will be replaced with the one you create.

Use the Store Macro in box to select the template or document in which to store the macro. To make the macro available in all documents you create, select the Normal.dotm template. Enter a description for your macro.

You have several different options for your macro. You can create a Quick Access toolbar button for your macro. You can also create a keyboard shortcut, so that the macro can be activated with a hotkey.

If you don't want to create a button or shortcut key, click OK now to begin recording; to use your macro, you will need to click Macros from the Developer tab and select your macro. Proceed to step 5 for more instructions.

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