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Recording Macros in Word 2007


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Introduction to Word Macros
Displaying the Developer Ribbon in Microsoft Word 2007

Use the tools in Word's Word Options dialog box to display the Developer tab on the ribbon.

Macros are a great way to automate your work in Microsoft Word. A macro is a set of tasks that can be performed by pressing a shortcut key, clicking a Quick Access toolbar button, or by selecting the macro from a list.

Word gives you a wide variety of options for creating your macro. It can include any command in Microsoft Word.

The options for creating a macro are on the Developer tab of the ribbon. By default, Word 2007 doesn't display the options for creating a macro. To display the options, you must turn on Word's Developer tab.

To display the Developer tab, Click the Office button and select Word Options. Click the Popular button in the left side of the dialog box.

Select Show Developer tab in the Ribbon. Click OK. The Developer tab will appear to the right of the other tabs on Word's ribbon.

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