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Using Excel Data in Your Word Mail Merge


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Introduction to Mail Merge
Mail merge is an easy way to save time in Microsoft Word. Use it to create letters, lists, and other types of Word documents quickly. You can create hundreds of documents in the time it would take to create one!

To save even more time, use Excel spreadsheets as your mail merge data source. It is easier to work with your data when it is in an Excel spreadsheet. And, you won't need to re-enter your data in Word!

Keep reading to learn how to create mail merge documents from an Excel data source in Word 2007.

If you're using an earlier version of Word, learn how to create mail merge documents using Excel data in Word 2003.

And be sure to read my tips for using mail merge. They'll help you with common mail merge problems. And, they'll help you get more from mail merge.

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