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Insert Tables the Easy Way in Word


At some point or other, you will want to align data or text into columns and rows in a Word document. Using the Tab key to align your data would be tedious and inefficient. The best option is to create a table for your document.

There are a couple of different ways to create a table. The easiest way is to use a button to create your table:

1. Position your cursor where you would like to insert the table in your document

2. Open the Insert ribbon

3. Click Table in the Tables section

4. You will see a grid of boxes on the drop-down menu. These correspond to rows and columns

5. Set the number of rows and columns your table will have by clicking on the grid

This creates a table with uniformly sized columns and rows. To customize the table, right-click on the table handle (the double-headed arrow at the top left corner of the table). The shortcut menu will give you formatting options. Select Table Properties for advanced table formatting options.

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