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Changing ScreenTips Settings in Word 2007


Like previous versions of Word, Word 2007 features ScreenTips. When you hold your mouse over a button, the name of the button appears. Additionally, Word displays a brief description of the button.

ScreenTips are designed to make your work in Word easier. They’re especially helpful to those who are new to Word. But, advanced users may find ScreenTips annoying.

If you don’t like the ScreenTips feature, you can disable it. Or, you can opt to have Word simply display a buttons name without a description. To change ScreenTips settings in Word, follow these steps:

1. Click the Office button

2. Select Word Options

3. Open the Popular section

4. Locate the drop-down box labeled ScreenTip style

5. To disable Screen Tips entirely, select Don’t show Screen Tips

6. To disable button descriptions only, select Don’t show feature descriptions in ScreenTips

If you later decide you would like to see ScreenTips, repeat the above steps and select Show feature descriptions in ScreenTips.

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