1. Technology

Setting Print Options


Word 2007 provides plenty of options for printing your document. For example, you can opt not to print colored backgrounds and images. Or, you can print your document in draft quality or in duplex, if your printer supports it. This can add up to big savings on ink and paper.

Unfortunately, though, not all of Word's printing options are immediately accessible. You'll need to do some searching to find all of the printing options in word 2007.

You can access printing options when you print your document. Press CTRL + P to open the Print dialog box. Click Options button in the bottom left corner of the dialog box. This opens the Word Options dialog box.

You'll see the Display section of the Word Options box. Here you'll find a number of options. You can choose to print hidden text, backgrounds, drawings, and properties. You can also have word update links and form fields before printing.

If you want more options, you'll need to open the Advanced section of the Word Options box. Then, scroll down to Print.

You can set options for print order, duplex printing and also print quality. When you're done, click OK. The options you select will be kept until you change them again.

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