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Changing the Macro Security Level in Word 2007


Macros can greatly improve your productivity in Word by automating repetitive tasks. But, macros also pose a security risk to your computer. Hackers may distribute documents with malicious macros.

Fortunately, Word 2007 provides options to help you prevent executing malicious macros. By default, Word 2007 disables macros in all documents. Of course, this can be a hassle if you rely on macros to accomplish your work.

If you choose, you can change the macro security level in Word 2007. To do so, simply follow these steps:

1. Click the Office Button

2. Select Word Options

3. Open the Trust Center

4. Select the macro security level you'd like

5. Click OK twice

Although you may want to allow some macros to run, select the security level carefully. I strongly caution against allowing all macros to run.

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