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Format Academic Term Papers in Word 2007


When you're working on an academic paper, the presentation must be impeccable. Formatting enhances the appearance and readability of the document. Readers can focus on the ideas you present in your paper and not be distracted by inconsistencies.

Further, citations, diagrams, and data requires special formatting.

Fortunately, Word includes many tools to help you with your paper. They go beyond the regular formatting options you will use in other documents. Here are some features that will help you get the most out of Word when you're working on an academic paper:

1. Working with Footnotes and Endnotes
2. Adding Captions to Pictures, Charts and Tables
4. Inserting Headers and Footers
5. Working with charts
6. Inserting a table
7. Working with cross references 8. Creating a table of contents
9. Inserting an index in your document

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