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Inserting Cross References in Word 2007


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If you’re working on a long document such as an academic paper, you may want to refer readers to another part of your document. This is particularly true when it comes to charts and figures.

You can insert the cross references manually. However, this will quickly get unruly as your document grows. You’d need to go back and correct the cross references when your document is complete.

Or, you can use Word’s Cross-reference feature. It will update the cross references automatically. You can also click on a Cross-reference in a document to be taken to a reference’s target.

Simply follow these steps to use Word 2007’s Cross-reference feature:

1. Position the cursor where you would like to insert the cross reference

2. Open the Insert tab

3. In the Links section, click Cross-reference

4. Select the type of item you would like to reference. For example, you can select headings, footnotes or numbered items. To reference figures or tables, you must use Word’s Caption feature

5. Other options in the dialog box will change automatically. The options will let you select from available items to reference. For example, you will see a list of headings or numbered items from which to choose

6. After you have made your selection, click Insert

7. Close the dialog box

If you want to delete a cross reference, simply highlight cross reference and press the delete key.
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