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How to Create a Pages Mail Merge


Pages can create a mail merge in a matter of minutes. A mail merge is a tool for generating mass mailings, such as form letters. Mail merges contain unique data, such as names and addresses, as well as information that is standard throughout each document. For example, you might use a mail merge to send customers information about a new product or sale, print mailing labels, appointment reminders, or payment due reminders.

To create a mail merge in Pages, you set-up your document with placeholder text, then you connect your data source an link your placeholders to your data. Once that is complete, you choose to print or save the merged documents.

You have three different items that come into play with a mail merge:

  • A data file is where your recipients are stored.
  • A form file is where you design your merge.
  • Finished documents combine the data from your data file with the text in your merge document to create individual documents for the recipients.

This tutorial walks you through creating a simple mail merge using an existing data file.

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Create Your Merge Document

Prior to merging your data, you need to create a new document and set up your placeholder text. Create your document including all of the information you want in every merged document.

Insert placeholder text for each piece if data from your data source. For example, type First Name where you want the recipients' first name to appear.

Choosing Your Data File

Choose Your Data File
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Now that you have your document template created, you need to link to your data source.
  1. Press Command + Option + I on your keyboard to open the Inspector Window.
  2. Select the Link Inspector tab.
  3. Click the Merge tab.
  4. Click Choose to select your data source. Select either your Address Book or navigate to your Numbers document data source.

Add Merge Fields

Add Merge Fields
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Now that your have your data source connected, you need to connect your data source to the placeholder text in your document template.
  1. Select a placeholder text element in your document template.
  2. Click the + icon on the Merge Inspector Window.
  3. Choose Add Merge Field from the menu.
  4. Select the import data from the drop-down menu on the Target Source column for example, select First Name to link the first name data to the First Name placeholder text.
  5. Complete these steps until all of your placeholder text is linked to data in your data source.

Finish Your Merge

Finish Your Mail Merge
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Now that you have connected to your data file and you have created your form file, it is time to finish your merge.
  1. Select Edit, Mail Merge.
  2. Choose your Merge To: destination, either straight to a printer, or to a document that you can view and save.
  3. Click Merge.

Give It a Try!

Now that you have read about how to create a mail merge, give creating one a try!
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