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Creating a Mac 2008 Template From a Word Document

Saving a Document as a Template


Templates are a great way to save time in Mac Word 2008. They make it easy to create documents with a consistent look. You can include formatting and styles, along with boilerplate text and images.

After you create your template in Mac Word 2008, you can then create documents based on the template. The original template file is not altered.

To create a template in Mac Word 2008, follow these easy steps:

1. Open a blank document

2. Add your formatting, boilerplate text, and any other elements you would like to include

3. Click File>>Save

4. Enter a name for your template

5. Click the Format box and select Word Template (.dotx)

6. Click Save

Your document will be available in Mac Word 2008’s Project Gallery in the My Templates section.
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