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Inserting a Table in Pages


If you're working on a business report or academic paper, you'll probably want to insert a table in your document. It is a handy way to display data in an organized, easy-to-read manner. Fortunately, you don't have to mess with tabs or margins. Apple's iWork Pages has a tool that will help you insert a table the easy way.

To insert a table in Apple's iWork Pages, follow these simple steps:

1. Hold the Option key

2. Click Table on the toolbar

3. Release the Option key

4. When the pointer turns to crosshairs, simply drag the pointer across the page to create the table you want

The number of rows and columns will change as you move the pointer. Fortunately, you can also control the number of rows and columns in your table:

1. Select your table by clicking a cell in the table

2. You'll see table handles appear

3. You can now use the Format bar to format your table

4. Specify the number of rows and columns in the appropriate boxes on the Format bar
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