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Introduction to iWork for iPad

Essential Tutorials for Pages, iWork's Word Processing App for the iPad


iWork Pages for the iPad is much like iWork Pages for your desktop or laptop. But, there are some differences. For example, you'll need help moving files to and from your iPad. You may also need some help working with the files once they're on your iPad.

Fortunately, iWork Pages is easy to use once you understand how it works and its limitations. These quick tutorials will help you get up and going in iWork Pages on your iPad.

1. Creating Documents From Templates in iWork Pages for iPad

You don't have to create all your documents from scratch. iWork Pages has a nice selection of templates!

2. Sharing iWork Pages Document Via E-mail

You can get documents off your iPad quickly and easily. You can e-mail the documents to contacts or your home computer.

3. Back Up iWork Pages Documents

Don't lose all of your hard work. Find out how to back up your iWork Pages documents.

4. Copy iWork Pages Documents on Your iPad

You can't create your own templates in iWork Pages. But, you can create a document based on another one. Find out how it's done!

5. Open E-mailed Documents in iWork Pages

Did someone e-mail you a document? Find out how to open and edit it in iWork Pages.
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