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Pocket Resume Helps You Create a Resume on your iOS Device


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You don't need a full-fledged word processor to create your resume. All you need is your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and the Pocket Resume app.

This $3 app lets you create and send a polished resume in no time at all. Once you install the app, you can select the sections to include on your resume.

Pocket Resume then walks you through the process of adding qualifications, experience and other credentials.

When you're done, Pocket Resume formats your information, creating a flawless, professional resume quickly and easily.

You can then email your resume in PDF format directly from your iPhone or iPad. It uses the standard Mail app to send your resume.

If you'd like to do more work on your resume, you can send it to yourself in RTF format. You'll be able to edit it in virtually any word processor!

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