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You're not alone: Connect with other users and find the answers to all your word processing questions here! Since I read all the posts to this forum, I will use your questions to create new tutorials and tips for getting the most out of your software. Registration is free and doesn't require an email address, so don't worry about spam.

Microsoft Word -- Start-up Problems & the Normal Template
If you're having problems starting up Word, you should check the Normal.dot template. Many start-up problems can be traced back to a corrupt Normal.dot file. Fortunately, it is the easiest start-up problem to fix.

Using Safe Mode to Diagnose Word Startup Problems
There are many factors that can contribute to startup problems with Microsoft Word. Fortunately, safe mode provides a quick way to narrow down the factors that are causing you grief. Don't take drastic measures and reinstall Word unless you're sure you have no other options.

Using the /a Switch to Troubleshoot Word Startup
Using the /a switch with Word can help you troubleshoot startup problems. The /a switch prevents global templates, including the Normal.dot template, from loading. It also prevents add-ins from loading when you start Word. Any customizations to settings also will not load.

Troubleshooting -- Troubleshooting and Software Updates
Many problems users experience with their word processing software can be easily fix downloading a software patch. If you're trying to troubleshoot a problem, your first step should be to make sure you have the latest software updates. Learn why this is so important and find links to Corel's and Microsoft's Update sites.

Troubleshooting Word -- Problems With Word's Registry Entry
Persistent problems with Word can often be traced back to one of two things: the Normal.dot template or a problem with a Windows registry entry for Word. Fortunately, they're both easy to fix. This tip will show you how to troubleshoot problems with Word's registry entry.

Microsoft Word -- Word Files Won't Open in Word
Have you ever had difficulty opening a Word file? Perhaps it opens from Word's Open dialog box, but not when you click on it in Windows. The problem is most likely with Windows' file associations. Fortunately, it can easily be fixed.

Troubleshooting a Table of Contents
Word’s automatic Table of Contents feature comes in handy when you’re working on a long document. The Table should update automatically when you edit your document. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Find out how to solve the problem.

Page Number Errors & the NUMPAGES Field
If you're having problems with Word displaying the wrong number of pages in your document, then you'll want to read this tip before you try anything else. The NUMPAGES field probably needs to be updated. Fortunately, this can be accomplished quite easily.

Troubleshooting Word
Word includes a template to help you troubleshoot problems with your Word setup. If you’re having problems with Word, you should use the Support.dot template to help you resolve your issues. If you don't have the template installed, find out how to do it!

Saving Your Microsoft Word Settings
If you have made a lot of changes to the settings in Word, it is a good idea to back up your settings so you can restore them in the even of computer failure. This tutorial will show you how it is done.

5 Ways to Prevent Data Loss
While data loss affects everyone who uses a computer, it is especially problematic for those who use word processing software. There is nothing more frustrating than losing the important documents that you've spent so much time creating. Unfortunately, the most effective thing you can do to stop data loss is to prevent it -- here are some tips to get you started.

Starting Word in Safe Mode
If you're experiencing problems with Word, you may want to start it in safe mode. Safe mode is also good protection against exploits not yet patched by Microsoft. You'll have to create a shortcut to Word's safe mode, but it is easy. Find out how now!

Troubleshooting Word's Strange Behavior
Does Word ask for confirmation when you attempt to delete a block of text? This indicates that Word's help for WordPerfect users is enabled. Find out how to turn it off and make Word "behave."

Can I add more features to the toolbars?

Can I rearrange the toolbars?

Can I remove a toolbar altogether?

Can I reset the toolbars to their default settings?

Microsoft Office Newsletter
If you're a Word user thinking about subscribing to a newsletter, this one is probably your best bet. Sent out by the folks at Microsoft, it covers all components of the Office suite.

FAQs from Microsoft's MVPs
This is one of the best resources on the net for Word users. Put together by Microsoft's Most Valuable Professionals, the responses and advice offered here are among the best you'll find!

Open Office FAQs
A comprehensive list of questions frequently asked about Open Office and its components. If you're an Open Office user, you won't find better than this!

Font and Language FAQS
If you have a question about working with fonts in Word, there's a good chance you'll find the answer here. This FAQ complex is especially designed for people who need help troubleshooting.

Word Document Conversion Newsgroup
This newsgroup is dedicated solely to porting word processing documents between Word and other programs. If you're experiencing errors with document conversion, then this is a must! To join in the discussion, you must have a newsgroup reader; you can download one for free here.

Word Trouble
We've all run into problems with Word from time to time. This article gives pointers to help you troubleshoot the problems you might be having with Word. It doesn't cover everything that can go wrong, but it is a good place to start; if some of the symptoms sound familiar, give these tips a try.

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