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Finding Word Processing Freeware and Shareware

Don't like Microsoft Word's pricetag? Not satisfied by Open Office? Maybe some of these programs will do the trick.
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OpenOffice Download Center
Everyone has been talking about OpenOffice, a free, cross-platform office suite. Many reviewers, users, and industry analysts contend that this software will have a huge impact on Microsoft Office's market share. Regardless, it boasts one of the best word processors that money can't buy!
Download AbiWord
This is the official download site for AbiWord, a free, cross-platform word processor. While AbiWord has been available for years, recently added functionality is bringing it closer to Microsoft Word in terms of functionality. Did I mention it is Linux-friendly?
Atlantis Ocean Mind Download Center
If you're looking for a reasonably-priced word processing solution, Atlantis Ocean Mind might be your answer. It offers advanced AutoSave features as well as tabbed document viewing. You can try before you buy.
Yeah Write! Download Center
The name may sound a little less than professional, but this affordable word processor comes highly recommended from PC World and ZDnet. The download site offers the main program, a medical dictionary, and dictionaries in several languages. Again, you can try before you buy.
Cnet Downloads
If you have the patience to search through a lot of programs and reviews, you should check out the available titles at Cnet's download site. Geared toward all types of users, this site is sure to have something that suits your needs.
This site offers a lot of downloads for you to try. If you're particularly interested in finding a program that has the ability to save your documents in pdf format check it out!
TechRepublic Reviews
See what TechRepublic has to say about some of the more popular free word processors. It may help you decide if a freeware program is the right fit for you.
ZDNet's Free Picks
If you're looking for a free word processing program, you should start by reading the reviews at one of the net's most respected magazines. If you like what they say, you can link directly to a download site.

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